TTC for 7 Months Before Meeting Amelia

by Carline
(Coventry, RI)

Before my fiance and I met Amelia, we were trying to get pregnant for about 7 months. Nothing took place, so we decided to seek some professional help and thank GOD we met Amelia!

She told us what to do step by step. We both changed our diets, I started BBT charting, we made some life style changes, took some supplements and we had a few of treatments. We followed her advice to a tee.

Guess what? We are happy to announce that we'll be excepting a baby boy in Aug 09. We got pregnant our first cycle working with Amelia. It definitely pays to go natural. Just have faith it will happen for you. YES!!! Acupuncture works!!!

Thank you Amelia! We love you. May God bless you wherever you go.

From Carline

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