Successful VBAC after C-section!

by Stacey
(Charlestown RI)

I sought out Amelia in order to help me achieve my VBAC goal. I was 38 and pregnant with my second child and was seeking out all useful alternative medical treatments to help me prepare for my attempted VBAC after my C-section 3 years ago.

It's hard to summarize my thoughts and feelings around the time I spent with Amelia. I few things you should know...

1. Acupuncture just helps your body feel batter while pregnant! Even if you are having a healthy normal pregnancy, you will see a difference in your energy.

2. Amelia is passionate and committed to each patient. By the end of my pregnancy I knew even if I didn't have a VBAC that together Amelia and I had given me the best shot ever. Going into labor at peace and focused was an incredible help

3. Acupunture works...or at least it did for me. I had a successful VBAC in September. During the hard parts of labor I knew how to keep myself calm and focused thanks to Amelia.

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