Successful Pregnancy after 2 Miscarriages

by Meghan

I started seeing Amelia in December of 2007 after 2 miscarriages. They were somewhat “unexplained” in medical terms as I had testing done and nothing was found wrong.

My first steps with Amelia were to start to chart my cycle and it was from charting that we could see that I had a pretty short luteal phase, only about 8 or 9 days. I started on generic herbs, fish oil and weekly acupuncture treatments and saw some improvement in my cycle, adding an extra day to my luteal phase. However, after 6 cycles, we weren’t quite seeing the improvement we had hoped to see.

My temps during my luteal phase had gone up a bit above the cover line, but weren’t holding that strong 10 -11 day rise. This was when I finally took Amelia up on her recommendation for personalized herbs. It was during mid cycle 7 that I started personalized herbs. Right away, I added another day or two to my cycle so now my luteal phase was now 11 – 12 days as opposed to the 8 or 9 days I started out with and all the temps were staying above the cover line.

This lengthening and good temp shift would allow for a proper implantation. Along with my weekly treatments, my husband and I were also making changes to our diet and starting to live a healthier life style. It was during my 10th cycle, that I became pregnant.

During this cycle, my husband had started taking the supplements Amelia had recommended. When he had a sperm analysis we saw that his morphology number was quite low, 4% as I recall, and he had only been taking these supplements for 2 weeks, when I became pregnant.

I believe the combination of the acupuncture, herbs, healthier life style and supplements are what helped us to get where we are now. The acupuncture treatments were so relaxing and after each visit with Amelia I came out feeling personally empowered by the knowledge she had bestowed upon me. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to meet this baby I have felt kicking inside me. Thank you, Amelia.

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