Success Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

by A.M.
(Rhode Island)

My success getting pregnant after miscarriage, actually two miscarriages may be inspirational to other women struggling with getting pregnant after miscarriage. I believe that some degree of hormonal imbalance was at play in my case, as well.

I was lucky enough to stumble across Amelia when looking for an acupuncturist to support my fertility journey. I had an imbalanced hormonal profile with suspected PCOS as well as two early miscarriages. Doctors had been unwilling to investigate the source of my difficulties until I had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for at least six months. They were unconcerned that getting pregnant after miscarriage was an issue.

Amelia was different; she listened, inquired about all aspects of my well being, and took measures to fully understand what was going on with my body. I was immediately hopeful she could make a difference, and I relied upon our weekly sessions as a chance to regain motivation and hope for our journey.

She also encouraged me to chart, change my diet and exercise behaviors, and take supplements to remedy my imbalances—all actions that I would not have done without her guidance and that I am sure were essential to my success. She also welcomed my husband’s participation and it was just a week after he came to meet her--three months working with Amelia—that I became pregnant!

Amelia continued to support me during my first trimester when I had stubborn morning sickness. She also connected with me with a doctor who well matched my thoughts about prenatal care and delivery. Amelia is a wonderful physical and spiritual resource. She is easy to connect with and I wish everyone struggling with fertility had the chance to work with her.

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