Stop Endo Pain

by Kristen
(Rhode Island )

I am a 34 year old female who was diagnosed with endometriosis in January of 2005. I was having unexplained pelvic pain for years. I believe I've had endo since I was at least 18. Less than 10 months after my surgery to remove the endometriosis, I started having pain again.

I went to 3 doctors and none would take me seriously. They wanted to put me on birth control or Lupron which in the past did not work. I was finally referred to a pain clinic. They put me on a drug called Lyrica. Yes it worked for the pain, but I gained 50 lbs on it and was having other side effects. I also was having painful periods and pain.

I started seeing Amelia in January 2008. I weaned my body off the Lyrica in one month. I was put on personalized Chinese herbs and I get an acupuncture treatment once a week. I feel great. Even more so not being on drugs and my periods are getting much better too. They are almost normal.

AMELIA IS THE BEST. I RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE. DON'T BE AFRAID TO COME OFF OF DRUGS OR BIRTH CONTROL. ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE HERBS DO WORK. I really believe that if I decided to have a baby Amelia could make it happen. However, I have decided to adopt because there are so many children that need homes. I thank every day I found Amelia. I can now live a normal life with endo.


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