Slow Rise BBT

by Laurie
(Eugene, OR)

Hi Amelia,
I have a slow rise after ovulation. I use fertile soul follicular and luteal herbs. My current cycle went from 97.3 to 98 upon ovulation but dipped to 97.6 and 97.5 before it returned to 98. I ovulate on day 10 and my cycle is 24 to 25 days. My bbt chart looks good other than what I noted above.

Also, my naturopath doctor had me use progesterone suppositories after previous IUIs due to my age. I currently use 5-point acupuncture weekly. I cut out sugar and fruits completely in January after my last IUI. And I eat whole foods.

I began taking d-chiro-inositol in January. My doctor wanted me to use it because of my weight and apparent insulin resistance. Now I am incoporating daily mind body practices.

I recently had an HSG which showed what appeared to be polyps in my uterus, so I went to an RE. My first time having a RE consult. They will do a saline ultrasound to determine what is going on, but the consult focused mostly on my age and the assumed quality of my eggs. It was harsh and there was a push for me to do a donor egg IVF. My FSH is low, but he just focused on age.

I have been doing acupuncture and herbs for over a year. My concern is - my ND wants me to use clomid and progesterone with my next IUI... and because of my age I feel like I should step it up with clomid... but don't know if I will make my cycle worse if the IUI does not take and I need to prepare for another IUI cycle.

The RE set my confidence back a lot, since I already was aware that I may not achieve a pregancy. I am hoping the changes I made this year will make the difference, but wonder if the slow rise is an issue.

Thank you,

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Slow Rise BBT
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Laurie,
Your slow rise on your BBT, together with the dip after ovulation makes me wonder about your ovulation. I don't consider the BBT to be the end all be all when it comes to evaluating your ovulation. A saliva panel taken throughout your cycle would give us much clearer information about your ovulation and your overall hormone output. However, since you're asking about your BBT, I would say that the slow rise, the post ovulation dip and the fairly short cycle concern me. I generally don't find that a Day 10 ovulation gives the body enough time to produce a strong follicle.

If you're spent much time on my site or watched my webinars, you'll know that I'm not a fan of progesterone supplementation. I don't think that age is a valid diagnostic reason for recommending progesterone either.

The polyps indicate to me that you most likely have some degree of estrogen dominance. This would be too much estrogen in the luteal phase of your cycle. Estrogen dominance can cause growths in and around the uterus.

You haven't told me your weight or your age, so it's hard for me to comment on your doctors' observations and recommendations. It's great that you've been doing acupuncture and herbs for over a year. I hope that you've seen improvements in your cycle and your chart over the past year.

I really think that it would benefit you to watch Webinars #1, "Your Hormones are the Driver Behind Your Fertility," #7 "Are you Really Running Out of Eggs," and #10 "The Two Best Fertility Tests That You Can Do." Understanding your hormones will help you with making decisions regarding your fertility treatments. In Webinar #7, you'll learn all about your eggs and what's been happening the past year in your body, in terms of follicular recruitment. Lastly, I want you to watch Webinar #10, so that you understand why I'm recommending that you check your hormones throughout your cycle.

Even though you're asking about the slow rise in your BBT, I think that it would benefit you to dive in to these 3 webinars and get up to speed on your hormones, follicles and a way to see what's going on with your hormonal communication that's directing your reproductive system. Best of luck to you.

Sending Babydust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

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