Second Successful Pregnancy

by Martha
(Rhode Island)

Amelia Hirota worked tirelessly with me to get my mind and body ready (my age and years of stress & work had taken its toll)for my first pregnancy. And that was a long, windy road...but ended with the birth of my beautiful baby boy.

When my son was 5 months old, I started working with Hwasook Lee, in Amelia's absence, to get myself ready to try for a second time. I had frozen embryos that my husband and I wanted to use and based on my age I was hoping to try a transfer within a few months. Hwasook was amazing and Amelia oversaw everything while building her own family from afar.

We went back to basics with ccupuncture treatments and supplements. Back to drinking plenty of water and trying to get as much rest (with a baby) as possible.
Just two months later I underwent an IVF transfer and again beat the odds and was pregnant! We were so excited! I stayed with treatments for most of the pregnancy with a small break during the second trimester.

As much as I didn't like taking all the pills each day, I refused to miss a dose as I saw how helpful they had been during my first pregnancy and how healthy my son was. So I kept going and did everything they suggested.

This second pregnancy was different than the first in that I had morning sickness; the baby gave me more back problems; slight heartburn; etc., but Hwasook had a remedy or a treatment for everything! Nine months later my beautiful, healthy daughter was born.

I will always be forever grateful to Amelia and Hwasook for the tremendous care and expertise they gave me. Especially grateful for the beautiful children I never thought I would be able to have.

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