PUPPPs and Acupuncture

by Jodi

My case of PUPPPS and Acupuncture.

If you've never heard of PUPPPs, lucky for you!!! I hadn't either until I broke out with it during my first pregnancy at 18 weeks. It's a chronic hives-like rash that affects only about 1 in 200 women during pregnancy. It is completely harmless to the mother and fetus, but insanely itchy making it impossible to sleep.

My OB informed me there is no "cure" for it other than giving birth. After suffering through it with my first pregnancy for 23 weeks, I decided to take matters into my own hands with my second pregnancy.

I researched for alternative treatments and found another woman experienced relief with acupuncture. This led me to the Phoenix Fertility Center where Amelia treated me 5 times.

When I arrived for my first treatment my legs were covered with bubbly hives. Amelia inserted the needles during that first session and I felt instant relief from the itching. She also did some cupping around my knees which we realized at my next appointment that was the only spot where the rash hadn't infiltrated.

Amelia decided to cup the rest of my body where the rash was active and I instantly felt the heat and itchiness getting "sucked out". What a relief! Three more appointments of cupping and I'm ecstatic to report my rash is GONE.

I am forever grateful for Amelia's knowledge and truly customized service. I am looking forward to enjoying the remaining 18 weeks of my pregnancy this time around.

Thank you for curing my rash!

Best regards,

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