Private Fertility Coaching

This is why I have worked with Amelia for over 2 years!

I almost didn't book my initial appointment because of the cost.  We had just spent so much money on fertility treatments already that had not worked that we were really struggling.  But then we decided that you cannot put a price on your health.

I have learned so much I don't even know where to begin.  First and foremost, I have learned that western medicine can only try to give us a pill to cover up our problems, not get to the root of them.  With Amelia, I feel like she looks at your body as a whole to try to figure out the problem.  She uses numerous different types of tests that to help her see how your body works.  Then she tailors a regimen that will help you as an individual get healthier which results in better fertility.  Amelia helps you understand the importance of everything you put into your body and on your body, and how that affects how your body operates.  And she explains it in terms that you can understand.

The thing I appreciate so much is how I felt like Amelia was always there for me, no matter what questions I had, no matter how low I was feeling, etc.  She would always e-mail me back promptly with great advice, support, and knowledge.  Even if it was just emailing out one of her current success stories, it was when I needed it the most, and it kept me going.  There are no doctors out there that can offer you that kind of wonderful communication and support.  It is truly priceless.

There are so many benefits from being a patient of Amelia's:

1.  She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable on the topics of fertility and health in general.

2.  She is passionate, caring, and is always there for you.

3.  She is able to prescribe the highest quality supplements, so you feel like you are putting the best nutrition in your body.

4.  She was able to help me treat my family and help improve their health also.

5.  She keeps the lines of communication open.

6.  She is simply the best in her field!

I would definitely recommend Amelia to anybody struggling with fertility, reproductive issues, or to people who want to improve their health using eastern medicine.  You actually feel like a person and not just a number (like how you feel at your regular doctor's office).  Amelia sticks by you no matter what and does everything in her power to help you.

Please consider PFC before seeking western medical attention.  I wish I had.  I would have saved so much time and money.  Her knowledge on the health problems she treats is astounding and her care for the individual person is top-notch.

Michelle, Iowa

Why do Fertility Coaching?

Fertility coaching saves you time, heartache and money. Many of the people I coach with have been TTC (trying to conceive) for 1 - 5 years. Unfortunately, most people don't have a plan, they don't understand their fertility and they aren't following a healthy preconception program. Some of these people have spent $1000's of dollars on fertility services, procedures and drugs to no avail.

Most of my patients both online and in the clinic have told me that they wished they had scheduled a consultation with me at the onset of their attempts to get pregnant. Often they've been TTC (trying to conceive) for years by the time they purchase one of my fertility services. They are frustrated, angry, confused and losing hope. However, once we get started on a preconception plan and they start seeing their progress and reading their fertility signs, they again start believing in their ability to get pregnant. Hope starts to blossom.

Many patients get pregnant after 3-6 months of a preconception plan that includes acupuncture, herbs, dietary therapy, and lifestyle counseling. Many people that I work with have an acupuncturist, but their acupuncturist doesn't specialize in treating fertility issues. I believe that with the right information, sub fertility can be enhanced and unexplained infertility can be explained and overcome. Please think about a consultation with me before moving on to fertility drugs or IVF. At the very least your body and your partner's body will be in better shape to make a baby after you've followed my program for a few months.

Amelia's Fertility Coaching Helped me Get Pregnant

I highly recommend Amelia Hirota's fertility consultations. I did fertility consultations with Amelia for 9 months and I am happy to report that I became pregnant naturally. I am 41 years old and currently 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. My husband and I are entirely grateful to Amelia for her dedication to our case. Even when we felt discouraged, Amelia remained positive and hopeful. Amelia is a true professional and friend. We can not thank her enough! Read my story
Karen, Bermuda

Private Fertility Coaching Program

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Cost: $999


  • 3 Individual 1 hour coaching calls
  • 6 monthly emails
  • Personalized supplement protocols
  • Your own online supplement store
  • Individualized preconception program
  • Access to my clinical hormone testing with analysis

Description: Once you purchase the program, you will be emailed a questionnaire and you email it back to me. We then schedule a time for your first 1 hour coaching call. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and for me to get an idea of what would be an appropriate program for you. We will zero in on your fertility issues and work together to figure out the best plan for you. You will walk away with a number of personalized recommendations for you to enhance your fertility. You will then be able to order your recommended supplements online in your own private online account.

After our initial coaching call, we'll get started with our signature detox program, which is called the 21 Day Purification Program. Depending on your symptomatic needs, I will personalize your detox program. Detoxing is fundamentally important to laying the foundation for a successful preconception program.

After our initial coaching call, you will email me monthly with updates, your BBT, lab results and any questions you may have. Keeping in touch on a monthly basis is very important for us to keep your fertility program targeted to where you are at. We will correspond monthly via email for 6 months.

Our 2nd coaching call will take place when you complete your recommended tests. We'll go over the results of your tests during this coaching call. This is a very important call and many of my patients have said that seeing their test results was worth the full price of the program. It's amazing how empowering it is to clearly see what is going on inside your body.

Once we have gone over your test results, we'll further personalize your program and tweak the supplements that you're doing. After laying the foundation with the 21 day Purification Program, a deeply nourishing supplement protocol can create tremendous changes in your endocrine function and your overall health.

We will continue to correspond monthly via email following this coaching call. By this point, most patients have watched my 10 webinars and totally understand the results of their fertility tests. This is a very empowering point in the program, as most patients are fully understanding their bodies by this point and are interpreting the changes that are going on in their bodies. 

At the end of our 6 months together, we'll have one last coaching call. If you're not pregnant by this point, we'll redo our fertility tests and see how your hormones have changed over the past 6 months. During this last coaching call, we'll go over these results and figure out where you want to go from here.

If my private coaching program sounds like your kind of program, please sign up today. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Hugs XX,


Bonus: Free Access to all 10 Webinars!

Yes, that's right, you get Free Access to all 10 of my Educational Webinars. If you're here, you know that knowledge is power. During our 6 months together, I will refer to various webinars, as that information becomes relevant to your case. By watching all 10 webinars, you are basically getting a mini Ph.D in fertility. By fully educating yourself, you will get the most out of my coaching program.

Amelia's Private Fertility Coaching Program - $999

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