Prepared My Body for IVF

by Denise
(Rhode Island, USA)

I became pregnant with IVF and acupuncture (my first IVF cycle) and believe that the key to my success was preparation. After 2 years of trying to get pregnant, I started visiting Amelia for acupuncture and herbal supplements.

I was determined to become pregnant using natural methods, but after 6 months without success, I decided based on my repro endo's advice to try an IVF cycle. I was nervous about the cycle, but also confident that I had done everything I could to put my body in the best possible position for successful cycle.

In addition to regular acupuncture visits for 6 months before the cycle, I had changed my diet, taken personalized herbal formulas, started getting enough sleep and practiced yoga a couple of times a week.

My results from the retrieval were really good, I had a lot of eggs and of a good enough quality that I was able to have a Day 5 transfer (which increases success rates).

The IVF cycle was a success, and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I am thrilled that it worked and credit acupuncture and my lifestyle changes with my terrific results, which were above average for most IVF cycles.

I encourage any woman contemplating IVF to consider taking a few months before their next cycle to try acupuncture and other natural supplements and herbs to really prepare for the upcoming cycle-it certainly cannot hurt, and in my case it definitely helped.

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