Pregnant with Twins After Acupuncture

by A.M.
(Boston, MA)

I became pregnant with twins after acupuncture treatments with Amelia. This is how it happened.

My husband and I arrived at the Phoenix Fertility Center on a cold blustery November day, feeling inadequate and a little bit hopeless. We had been trying to conceive for a year and a half, and had just found out that our first cycle of IVF up in Boston where I worked as a physician, had not been successful.

An hour and a half later after our initial consultation with Amelia and my first fertility acupuncture session, we left with a little bit of hope, a lot of sound advice, and a much better understanding of what infertility meant in our own lives and most importantly what we could do about it.

In the following weeks we made many of the changes to our diet and lifestyles that Amelia recommended. We were previously quite healthy in what we ate and in our exercise (or so we thought!), but we soon learned from Amelia that what may be healthy at some points in life is not the best when you are trying to get pregnant!

In January we decided to try for a second cycle of IVF. Amelia's acceptance of this and her ability to effortlessly intertwine traditional Chinese medicine with our on-going IVF experience was a source of constant comfort and support. I looked forward to my weekly sessions of acupuncture and would leave each time feeling stronger and more confident in my own ability to conceive. Amelia also did an acupuncture session the day of my retrieval and before and after the embryo transfer - she was incredibly accommodating as we drove to and from Boston.

Three months after my initial visit to the Center of Balance, as Amelia and I shared in the news that I was pregnant with twins I still remember our tearful victory hug. Today I enter my second trimester feeling so content (Amelia's acupuncture in my first trimester did wonders for my morning sickness and sleep patterns). I know it was Amelia's warm and caring support, wise and constant advice, and of course expertise in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture that brought us to where we are today. I wish I could shout her name from the roof tops - but this testimonial will have to do.

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