Pregnant with Acupuncture and IVF

by Maryann
(Rhode Island)

Sara and Mommy

Sara and Mommy

Hi, I am a physician in Rhode Island. I was 39 years old, and my dream of having my baby was not being fulfilled. I had known that I had a fertility problem. A hystersalpingogram revealed that my tubes were not patent.

In order to get pregnant I needed in vitro fertilization. I did get pregnant with my first IVF. Yeah! But my embryo implanted in the cervix – a dangerous place. At 10 weeks I hemorrhaged and had emergency surgery. Devastated as I was, I was compelled to try again.

I was scared. I hoped there wasn’t something wrong with the lining of my uterus, even though the doctors said it was fine. I wanted the next baby to implant in a safe, healthy place. My friend Chris told me about Amelia Hirota, a Doctor of Acupuncture whose special interest is in fertility.

I wanted to optimize my chances for success. I wanted my uterus to be healthy, and acupuncture seemed to be the best and only way to help. I am so thankful to have met Amelia. She made my IVF experience so much more wonderful. Amelia was so caring, knowledgeable, and thorough.

IVF is stressful! But I felt calm and reassured because I knew I was doing the right thing by seeing Amelia. She educated me on acupuncture and nutrition. She gave me a lot of very helpful advice on things to do and to avoid.

I had weekly acupuncture treatments with Amelia before and during the IVF cycle. And I had a successful IVF. I continued my acupuncture treatments for another ten weeks to ensure good implantation. My pregnancy went absolutely great! I went back at 36 weeks for acupuncture to help prepare me for the birth. Long story short, I delivered a healthy baby girl, Sara. And the acupuncture I had late in pregnancy, I believe helped my cervix dilate and initiate my contractions. Thank you Amelia, I will never forget you.

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