Pregnant over 40 with IVF

by Brenda
(Providence, RI)

I'd like to share my pregnant over 40 with IVF success story. My husband and I did not try to have children until we were in our early forties. After trying to conceive naturally for six months with one chemical pregnancy, my OB/GYN sent me straight to a fertility specialist.

In doing research about IVF (I'm a physician,) I found that success rates tended to be higher when accompanied by acupuncture. Amelia came highly recommended to me as a "fertility acupuncturist."

What a great and educational experience it has been working with Amelia. I found her to be not only an amazing support system but a wealth of knowledge. With her guidance I was able to improve my diet, my mindset and my level of stress.

While going through this very stressful process I knew that my weekly time with Amelia would be mentally and emotionally fulfilling. To have someone "on my team" that could relate to my situation, give me great advice and help my body and mind to be successful with the IVF process, was invaluable.

I cannot give Amelia enough praise and thanks for helping me through this process of getting pregnant when over 40. She has touched my life in more ways than she will ever know! Not only am I an acupuncture convert but I am happily and healthfully nearly six months pregnant!

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