Pregnant Naturaly after 2 Failed IVF Cycles

by Jenn
(East Greenwich, RI)

At 34 years old, comprehending "we're sorry, the chances of you conceiving on your own are minimal" becomes a pretty tough pill to swallow. Interestingly enough, my husband and I heard that same song and dance just 18 months earlier prior to the conception of our little miracle, Isabella. We conceived her through IUI, or Intra-uterine Insemination, following four previous failed IUI attempts.

Once she was born, our Reproductive Endocrinologist warned us to quickly begin trying again, in fear we would not have as much success this time around. She said my eggs were abnormally old for my age, and I was running out of time.  We began trying... and trying. We went through four failed IUI attempts. Then we began the dreaded journey of IVF.  This is when I contacted Amelia for 'extra support'. She was not thrilled with the idea of beginning treatment with a new patient in the middle of an IVF cycle, but took me under her wings anyway.  Much to the disapproval of Amelia, I chose to undergo another IVF cycle while continuing intense acupuncture and herbs. It failed.

We were devastated- but Amelia wasn't surprised. She begged me to give my poor body a rest already. I just couldn't, because as my RE warned, "I was running out of time".  Our RE finally sat us down and reluctantly told us I was not a candidate for IVF, because of my "condition", and that Donor Eggs would be our only option to have another child.  We just couldn't go down that road just yet.  

Instead, I promised my husband and Amelia I'd take that much needed break, and give acupuncture and herbs a good, honest try. Refusing to give up hope, but barely holding onto any, I continued with Ameila.... and sure enough we found out we were pregnant the following month- this time "naturally"!  Needless to say we had the Providence Reproductive Endocrinology department scratching their heads in disbelief, all the while Amelia never wavering on her confidence to help see this happen just as it were meant to, naturally.

If it weren't for the amazingly passionate, intelligent and loving care of Amelia- I could very well be carrying some anonymous donor egg inside of my body- celebrating on a much different level. 

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IVF Failed so sad and heart broken
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just turned 42 last month, just went through IVF for the first time and it failed. Had 5 embryos transferred and did not think about it for a week during bed rest. Then when we went back for the pregnancy test, we came back negative. We got tested both of us are healthy when we started last in October 2013.

They still had me on metformin for the male hormones factor and the levothyroxine for hormones in the thyroid maybe not producing enough at my age. When we started the egg retrieval process my hormones went from 2000 to 9800+, then we had 33 eggs but only 26 got fertile, because of my hormones being so high we could not do fresh cycle right. So we had to wait until my hormones get to normal.

They froze the embryo which only 22 survive the freeze, now we have 17 frozen embryo left because when they thaw 12, 1 did not survive before they transfer 4 last week. We are very hesitant to try again because those drug and shot are painful.

I heard after failed IVF you can get pregnant naturally because there something about IVF that opens up everything inside after the process. I hope this is true because those IVF drugs and shots are so painful, stressful and emotional. The doctor told us that because this it was a failed IVF our age play a factor my husband is 50 he has normal sperm count.

You Are An Amazing Woman!
by: Amelia Hirota

I think that you're lovely for sharing your story. I'm really moved that you could find a place in your heart to be happy for others that have hope after all that you've been through. You are an amazing woman!

I'm so sorry that your husband and you went through so much. I'm especially sorry that you were told you had the eggs of a 50 year old. That seems unnecessarily harsh to me.

I'm wondering if you're still in your early 30's? If so, I want you to know that although you and your husband tried for years and you had 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles, this doesn't mean that there isn't hope for you.

You can have an effect on the quality of your eggs by nourishing your body, balancing your hormones, stabilizing your blood sugar and avoiding toxins. Just because the eggs that you produced during your IVF cycle were sub par, doesn't mean that your eggs will always be that way.

I have a webinar called, "Are You Really Running Out of Eggs?" that goes over the whole migration process of your follicles from the primordial state to ovulation. It's amazing how much our diet and lifestyle impact the quality of our eggs.

From reading your post, it sounded like no one had ever given you this empowering information and let you know that there is hope. Of course, I don't know if you can turn this around or not, or if you've already made peace with your decision.

However, after reading your post, I felt compelled to let you know that no doctor can definitively tell you that you have the eggs of a 50 year old. There's no way to know what the quality of your eggs will be in the future, if you takes steps to improve the health of your body and reproductive system.

Peace and Healing,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

I'm glad there's so many with hope!
by: Anonymous

It makes me happy to read that so many still have hope. We tried for years and years but I was told at 32, I have the eggs of a 50 year old. After 2 failed attempts at IVF, we were out of resources and came to the realization it wasn't going to happen.

Knowing that it wasn't going to happen for us, we decided to divorce. I knew that it would always eat at me that I could never have children and I would be forever keeping him from having any chance and he admitted that he, over the years, couldn't promise that he wouldn't resent me for the same reason.

Knowing that neither of us would ever have what we wanted most, we felt leaving as friends was the best way for both of us. It hurts but we know that by the time we could save the money to try again, it would be a few years down the road and my chances would be even less. I am truly glad to hear it does work for those that can keep with it.

Thanks for Sharing
by: Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

To Needing Inspiration,
I'm so glad that you came by to share your story and to look for some inspiration. I'm so glad that you felt inspired again after reading the comments here. If you're embarking on another IVF cycle, I encourage you to give your body a rest before moving on to IVF #2.

Work on your diet, start a meditation practice and get lots of healing sleep. A few months of really taking care of yourself can make a difference in your next IVF cycle. Good luck to you.

Sending Babydust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

Always Feeling Positive
by: Need Inspiration

Hi All,
I just had a failed IVF. This is the first ivf but have tried iui and clomid already. I am 39. I am gutted and was feeling low, but all the great comments you all wrote about not giving up and support from family is worth more than gold!!! Thank you! You have given me renewed hope afer six years of trying!!!

Thank you :)

by: Anonymous

I left a previous message about myself and my partner getting pregnant naturally after two failed IVF cycles, which is wonderful. I am 46 and she is 45 in June. We recently met a couple over the weekend, where she fell pregnant at 47 on her fourth IVF cycle, with her own eggs. So never ever give up hope. This is such a good site, where you can share your feelings openly about this painful journey without any stigma. Good luck to everyone.

Trying to Conceive
by: Debbie

Hi, I'm Debbie. I'm 40 my husband is 39. We have been trying for a baby for sixteen yrs. We had IVF four yrs ago but failed. I have an under active thyroid.

I'm on tablets but nothings happening. My husband has a low count. I've had lots of tears, but I don't give up hope. I dread it when I come on my sister and bro have kids. It's hard, but my church family is there for us and our family. I sometimes think why us? But I have to stay focused. I pray for a miracle. Thank you

Never Give up Hope
by: Anonymous

We had given up hope on on a natural pregnancy after 2 failed IVF cycles. My partner is 44 (female) and I am 46 (male). Ironically, in the same week as preparing for the doner egg cycle, after around eight months on the list, my partner got pregnant naturally. It is very early days at 7 weeks but fingers crossed. We are both overjoyed and nervous. Keep trying and never give up hope.

Don't Give Up Hope to Get Pregnant
by: Anonymous

I had two failed iui's and it took 6 ivfs to have my beautiful son and daughter. It was a long, hard road, with an ocean of tears, but i never gave up hope. I couldn't because it's all I had. Now we're broke, but we have two wonderful children.

My IVF Nightmare
by: unlucky

I also had an unsuccessful ivf cycle. I was three months and two weeks when i miscarried. Its the worst feeling in the world!I kept thinking what did I do wrong. I'm 29 years old and have polycystic ovarian syndrome. We really want to have a healthy baby. Any suggestions? I must have overprayed by now.

Wondering About Your Age and Conception
by: Anonymous

Hi Kerry,
By the way, how old are you?

Waiting to Get Pregnant Naturally
by: Anonymous

I am 32 and we have been trying to get babies for the last three years. For one year we tried naturally, but failed. We went to several doctors and me and my husband were told we were fine. We were told we don't have any problem and we could conceive naturally.

After waiting for two years, we tried IUI two times and failed. Then we went for IVF and failed. Now we are hoping and waiting for God to give us a baby.

I am hoping I will get pregnant naturally.

Two Failed IVF Cycles
by: Kerry

Hi everyone, I have been trying for a baby for 7 years. I did Clomid twice and ended up with a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. We went down the IVF route twice, but failed. I couldn't take anymore so we decided to adopt. Going thru all the applications and waiting for a course to come up. What was meant to be will be. But I will be a mummy!

Missed my period this month and did a test. I found out I was pregnant all on our own. No drugs or invasive procedures! I'm so excited I could burst! Just believe what is meant to be is meant to be. When its your time it will happen.

Don't Give Up Hope
by: Anonymous

Dear Julie and Friends Still Hoping,

Don't give up hope. You're not alone. IVF can take several tries, but sometimes, it's just not for everyone. Especially not for a lot of us in the over 40 set. Thankfully, I now know of several women who got pregnant naturally in their 40's.

I did one ivf last year and found out I don't respond well to drugs, which was good to know. Also, my fsh was starting to go up and had gotten above 20. I was devastated. A friend recommended a book by Julia Indichova, a woman who got pregnant naturally and conceived at age 43. The book was called "Inconceivable: A Woman's Triumph over Despair and Statistics." I started doing the things in her books and on her website ( Her approach is to use healthy eating, imagery, dream study, supplements and listening to your body for what to do next.

I have actually lowered my fsh! And more importantly, I'm eating healthier and have gotten over my dread of exercise. I'm not sure exactly how a child is going to come into our lives, but I feel so much better about the journey now that I'm back in touch with my body and I can take proactive steps toward my own health and healing. Acupuncture is also on the list of things I might try again in the future as well so I'm glad to hear about your success.

Thanks so much for posting this. Best of luck to everyone. Very inspiring.

Trying for second child
by: Anonymous

These previous stories bring back such memories of sadness and heartache. My husband and I tried to fall pregnant for 3 years. After the first year of trying I went to see the doctor and the test showed I had FSH 10+ and an overactive Thyroid (graves disease). My husband also was boardline low sperm count, so the odds were against us right from the start. Once my Thyroid was under control we started trying naturally but nothing was happening. We were soon pushed down the IVF route, being 35 years old and like the others I was told time wasn't on my side. I had acupuncture throughout these attempts but both failed. My husband and I were at the stage of thinking this just wasn't going to happen for us. Although we longed for a child to devote all our love on, we would have to come to terms that we would be a childless couple. Well, that was two years ago now, and the month after the second failed IVF, we fell pregnant with our beautiful daughter Lottie. I almost fell off the toilet seat when the home kit showed positive. It does happen, just keep the faith. She's just perfect!

Waiting for a miracle
by: Anonymous

My husband and I are currently doing IVF... After 4 failed OPUs and 4 failed thaw cycles I'm still waiting for a miracle to happen. I was heart broken after finding out that I was not pregnant after my last cycle. We have one more embryo left and I so don't want give up hope... Not yet!! Just wanted to hear some success stories.

Our Experience
by: Julie

Here is my history and believe it or not this is the short version. My husband and I have one son who was conceived naturally after trying for 4 months, but trying to conceive a 2nd baby has been tough. We started trying for baby #2 around a year after our son was born.

After one yr of trying naturally we went to a specialist. We found out that my husband has a low sperm count and mobility. Did one IUI cycle that failed and then moved on to IVF. We were planning to do a fresh IVF cycle but the doctor found out during the retrieval that I hyper-stimulated so a fresh transfer was cancelled.

So we moved to FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycles with IVF. Our first IVF cycle we conceived. At 9 weeks pregnant I went in for a routine ultrasound and found out her heart had stopped beating. We were heartbroken. I had a D&C and they did tests on the baby's tissue and found out she had turners syndrome which is why she passed.

We went for IVF cycle #2 and conceived but my beta levels were low and weren't doubling. We lost that one at 5 weeks. We then went for IVF cycle #4 and #5 and we decided to let our embryos grow to a blastocyst stage, which we thought would increase our chances. IVF #4 and #5 failed.

My husband has been relocated to another Army Post out of state so I had to leave my job (the insurance I was under with my work paid 100% for IVF my husbands insurance doesn't offer the same option.) So I have had to close the door on IVF.

So I feel like I'm back at square one. I guess we will have to try the old fashion way now. My husband is seeing a specialist and is taking clomid to see if that can bring up his count.

It is just good to know that there are other couples out there that understand what we are going through because of their own experiences and to know there is still hope in getting pregnant naturally. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck to all of you during your journey to conceive and carry to term a healthy beautiful baby. Julie

Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy for you. I'm 28 and don't know what's the reason that I can't conceive. After 2 yrs of trying we went straight away to try IVF. That was last month, but with no luck...

I'm l1 days late today but I feel my period is gonna come now. I'm hoping I could be pregnant...


In August 2006, I had a myomectomy done. After the myomectomy I was diagnosed with endometriosis. In October 2009, I learned that the fibroids have returned and probably they are even bigger than before. In March 2010 I did a D&C to cut down the endometriosis wall. At present I do not have any children. I am 35 years and am reluctantly considering a second myomectomy. MY question is: What is the possibility of getting pregnant after a second myomectomy?


I want to be a Mother!
by: Henry

I have had 2 failed ivf's and also was told eggs were old for my age of now 35. With an fsh of 10+ I did acupuncture and herbs before my 2nd ivf with no luck. I am going to let nature take its course and hope I become pregnant naturally. I am tired of taking all the hormone pills and shots. Have you heard of any success with a story like mine?

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