Pregnant Naturally after Diagnosed with POF

by Fatima
(Lahore, Pakistan)

When i got married I was 28. After a year of trying naturally and being unsuccessful, I went to see my doctor. At 29 I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. My fsh was 12.

The doctor advised laparoscopy and the result was both follopian tubes were blocked. My doctor told me it would be impossible for me to conceive naturally. IVF was the only option. Due to my FSH being 12, I was told to get the treatment as soon as possible. So i started my IVF treatment in December 2011.

I was not very hopeful, as was told due to my high FSH, I'm not likely to produce many eggs or good quality eggs. I prayed a lot for my eggs quantity and quality.

Surprisingly 19 eggs were found. 12 very good quality eggs were retrieved. 3 were transferred and six were frozen. I was very happy and the most scary part was over. I was very confident as well.

But my pregnancy result was negative. That was very disapointing. I was very hurt. I felt I will never be able to conceive. I prayed a lot to God. I knew nothing is impossible for Allah. I prayed, please God show me a miracle. How you gave Sarah, Prophet Abraham's wife a child in old age. You can do everything, please help me with a miracle.

In June 2012 I was pregnant. Without any medicine, surgery or help. Looking forward to having our baby and I want to name him Muhammad Abraham.

Best wishes,

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