Pregnant Naturally After 3 Months

by Darcy D.
(Dartmouth, MA)

I heard of Amelia Hirota through a friend that Amelia helped get pregnant. My friend was told that her chances of getting pregnant were slim through Boston IVF and after 3 months of seeing Amelia, she became pregnant naturally and had a healthy baby girl.

I started with Amelia in September of 2011. She was very knowledgeable, educational, understanding and very supportive. I did everything she recommended from weekly acupuncture treatments, to lots of supplements, to strict nutritional guidelines to infrared saunas to embodiments... everything! In the 4th month we became pregnant and I am due in September. I am still on the supplements she recommended and I have had a super easy pregnancy so far.

You have to have patience in the beginning, but I am a supporter of Amelia's programs and found her to be VERY supportive and helpful in what seemed to be a very LONG 4 months of trying everything with her. But it works!! I have recommended her to others and I would recommend her to you. I am 40 years old, having my first child and I fully expect to have a second naturally thanks to Amelia! Best of luck to you!

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