Pregnant at 47

by Mary

Hi Amelia,
I am 47 years old. My test shows my ovaries have become smaller and there is a cyst on the right ovary.

The doctor said that there is no chance at all of me getting pregnant, even with IVF using my own eggs. So, the best option is egg donor which is against my religion.

Although IVF is not accepted by my religion, I was willing to go ahead, but with my eggs. However, the doctor said he has not come across anyone my age getting pregnant and even if I did, there is a very high possibility the child would be abnormal.

Please advise my. I would do anything to improve the ovaries and have a baby. Thank you.

Mary M

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Pregnant at 47
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Mary,
Statistically, it's unusual to get pregnant at 47 years old, but it's not unheard of. Your chances of having a baby with genetic abnormalities is significantly increased at your age. However, I'm sure that we both know women over 45 in Malaysia that have given birth to healthy babies.

The important things for you to look at are your hormone levels. Try getting your Day 3 levels of FSH, estradiol, prolactin, LH and TSH checked. Also, check your progesterone level 6 days past ovulation. Also, evaluating your menstrual cycle to see the quality of your menstrual blood, your BBT chart and your cervical mucus will also give your some idea of your inherent fertility.

Lastly, the quality of your husband's sperm is just as important as the health of your eggs and your reproductive system. Sperm is 50 percent of making a baby and just as our eggs decline in quality, so do sperm.

If you find a doctor that is willing to do IVF with your eggs, please work with an acupuncturist and herbalist to prepare both your body and your husband's body for the cycle. I realize that time is of the essence, but I recommend preparing your bodies for a minimum of 3 months to give it your best shot.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota

47 and trying with secondary infertility
by: Anonymous

I am in the same boat as you. I will be 48 in August 09. Had two teens aged 25 and 24. Now with a new husband. Tried IVF six times. First two had fragmented eggs. Then began taking vitamins and supplements. I Had three other ivfs and eventually I had one embryo transferred, but still no luck.

I Just attempted the sixth ivf with clomid, but the cycle was cancelled due to my poor response to clomid. I was given birth control pills which over surpressed me. It is difficult to use donor eggs since I have had kids before.

l am praying to God to hear my prayers. I'm very fit and look like a 29yr old. So I will keep trying until I'm 50 and then go for donor eggs.My husband is younger.

Need Inspiration at 47
by: smooches07

Hi Ladies, I'm scared !#$$@, I'm in the middle of an IVF cycle with my own eggs. I just turned 47 last month. I've been searching high and low for any stories of ladies my age TTC with own eggs through IVF...sad to say I haven't found any; but I have found some who have successfully achieved pregnancy at my age naturally or with donor eggs. Although I'm in the middle of my cycle, I'm considering telling my RE i want to cancel, I'm getting more frightened by the day of giving birth to an unhealthy child and risk to my health...any stories of inspiration are welcomed, please send my way.

by: AnonymousCANDY


Clinic Suggestion
by: Anonymous

New Hope Fertility will do IVF with your own eggs for a woman who is 47 years old. Good luck!

Reality Check
by: Anonymous

It's sad to read about women over 45 determined to have a child with their own eggs. I am 46 years old. I was determined to have a baby of my own too for several years. I did everything anyone's ever thought of to do; took all the vitamins, went to the best acupuncturist, etc.

The sad truth is at this age, no matter what you have done and how well you may have taken care of yourself, will not make enough of a difference. For most of us, it is just not possible to have a baby using our own eggs.

If you do get pregnant, more than likely it will end in a miscarriage. Accept this loss, grieve it and in time, accept it.

That's where I am at now. I haven't given up on having a family though. I looked into donor eggs and we decided to do this. I feel hopeful and positive for the first time in years. The cost freaked me out. I asked my husband how he felt about a 30k egg donor and he said we have paid more for a car, which helped me get over that.

Generally with donors, you may have left over eggs and so you may have more than one chance too. The odds change from less than 1% to almost 70% or greater each time. Women who have donor babies don't see them any differently or love them any less. Best of luck ladies!

Do not use New Hope Fertility Clinic
by: Anonymous

Keep away from New Hope Fertility Clinic in NY. They're disorganized, rude and it will be a waste of money for you as I wasted money with them. I would suggest Dr. Silber in Missouri (just google him). I'm in the middle of treatment right now with Dr. Silber using my own eggs at 46+. I would recommend acupuncture, herbs, Kiwi fruit daily, blended fruits (a lot of berries), vitamin D3, folic acid, and pre-natal vitamins. Start taking those before you start any IVF treatment. Stay healthy and think positive. Good luck!

Visiting a fertility doctor at 47
by: SKM

I am 47 and just had a visit with a fertility doctor in New Mexico. The doctor told me he would not do IVF treatment on 47-year-old eggs because of the quality. He's been in practice for 25 years and said 5% of his clients have gotten pregnant at 47 using their own eggs with the help of clomid, which he is going to put me on.

He automatically suggested donor eggs but I am giving my eggs a try first. Honestly, I think what doctors experience depends on where they practice. Women in NM have babies early. I think a fertility doctor in a city like LA or NY would have had more older clients and therefore difference experiences. At 47, in the year 2013, I should be able to get IVF treatment.

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