Pregnant at 43

by Kristin
(Boston MA)

I am eager to share with you all a little of my story. I am 43 years old and enjoying every minute with my 4 month old baby girl! I was just 39 years old and about to be married when I happened to mention to my PCP that I have never used birth control and thought it odd that I had never had that "scare" of being pregnant.

She sent me to a reproductive endocrinologist as I also mentioned I was going to try and start having children. Lab work showed I was "pre-menopausal" and I was told it would be virtually impossible to conceive on my own and I should consider egg donation.

I immediately went to a well-known fertility clinic as a second opinion. They agreed with my doctor that there was little hope for a biological child, but were willing to work with me. 2 years of IVF and IUI showed no result. My body would not produce more than 1-2 eggs on max doses of fertility medication.

In conjunction with the fertility meds, I tried everything under the sun...acupuncture, herbs, cut way back on my exercising, gained weight (was told weight might be contributing), ate warm soups, tried meditation, yoga, support groups, counseling, wheat grass. I read as much as I could, tried everything consistently and still nothing.

I heard about Amelia Hirota and figured I had nothing to lose. I had one initial visit with her, she sent the hair analysis and suggested a regimen of herbal supplements, diet and this "warming thing". I faithfully did the herbs/vitamins, tried to follow the healthy diet best I could and did my own version of the "warming thing" - that visit was in June.

September I went for a 3rd opinion to a doctor. Again.."I'm sorry, you have less than 1% chance of conceiving on your own. And even if you do, the chances of it being a healthy egg are slim". I went home, cried with my husband and we agreed to refocus our life. If the pregnancy happened great, but if it didn't we would be sad but OK.

Two weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test. Everyone said.."see, it happens when you let it go." I don't believe that, because we never let it go. It made me sad everytime I thought of it and I think I thought of it 20 out of 24 hours a day.

What I do believe helped was a lot of what Amelia had me doing. I felt really good, healthy, from June until the pregnancy. It was the first time that I had no night sweats and no hot flashes. I just felt different.

The reason it has taken me so long to write this story is because I was petrified I was going to jinx myself if I posted during the pregnancy. Then I was petrified I was going to jinx myself right after the birth with SIDS and everything else that could go wrong.

I just kept thinking..are we really going to have a baby. And even now I look at her and think I can't believe we have a baby. And then I immediately think of Amelia.

Thank you,

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