Pregnant after Miscarriage

by Aileen L.
(Rhode Island)

Hello, my name is Aileen and I'm 38 years old. If you want answers and results than be grateful your path led you to Amelia. My journey began 2 years ago when our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 12 weeks. We had no answers as to why but assumed it would be relatively easy to conceive again. I started seeing an acupuncturist who claimed his specialty was fertility but 10 months later no results.

Then a naturopath, although knowledgeable and helpful again, produced no results. A year had gone by since the miscarriage, I have too admit I was getting impatient and found myself at Boston IVF after prodding from friends who had had successes with them. My FSH was 22.5 This was very worrisome to the IVF doctors.

I left crying after all three of my consultations because they couldn't give me any answers as to why I was having a difficult time conceiving except that my "egg reserve was low". That seems to be a blanket diagnosis.This made no sense to me. I knew I was ovulating every month as temp charting showed and my antral follical count was 7 on my left ovary and 3 on the right (7 is not terrible). They made me feel very infertile anyway, very hopeless and in a time pressure cooker.

There were no guarantees with their therapies they were suggesting just one definite that the hormones they would give me have been affiliated with hormonal cancers. Typically people with high FSH levels don't respond well to IVF meds. Yikes! It was obvious that their philosophy of western medicine was to treat the symptoms, not the cause. This did not resonate with me at all. I wanted to fix the problem not mask it.

So I never picked up the injectible meds they had ordered for me at the pharmacy and instead did a Google search for acupuncturists, specializing in fertility and came across Amelia. On her web site, she asks women like myself to come see her before going down the road of IVF. I was elated to find her. I called right away and she got back to me that same day. I had an appointment the following week.

She had all the possible scenarios for what the problem could be and explained everything in great detail. Stress, hormonal imbalance, toxic metals in my system, etc. She was going to find out why I wasn't conceiving, by using thorough saliva and hair analysis tests. I came home to my husband and said "finally somebody understands the importance of balancing a body so that it performs properly and has the knowledge and tools to figure out how to do it. She is totally going to help us get pregnant!"

I felt so hopeful and knew I was in the right hands. She explained that a high FSH is no indication of your ability to get pregnant and instead only an indication of how well you will respond to the IVF meds. Can I tell you what a load off that was! I had also read in my research that high FSH levels are becoming more common in younger women and is not always indicative of egg supply.

The saliva and hair analysis tests took a few weeks to complete but the answers were clear. My adrenals where stressed (hence the high FSH) and I had heavy metals in my system, which were disrupting estrogen and hence preventing my eggs from developing into a dominant follicle that could then be fertilized. Now that diagnosis made sense to me, given the clinical picture.

According to Amelia, this was fixable with a thorough plan of supporting my adrenals, de-stressing, dietary modifications and detoxing with herbs and infrared saunas and weekly acupuncture treatments. So, contrary to Boston IVF, the quantity of my eggs was more than enough to get pregnant. I was ovulating every month just not with the best quality eggs. IVF meds do nothing for increasing the quality of eggs. I clearly was not a good candidate for IVF and intuitively I knew that. but the docs were going to pump me with cancer potentiating drugs anyway, because that's all they know how to do. Scary!

After only 2 months on Amelia's plan my body was back in balance enough to get pregnant! I am now 23 weeks and doing well. My advice to you is run, don't walk to Amelia's office and trust yourself why you landed there and trust her. Do everything she tells you. She is a brilliant, diligent and thorough practitioner and she is 100% dedicated and vested in your success. What a tremendous gift she gave me. God bless her and the work that she does.

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