Pregnant after miscarriage and secondary infertility

by Sue

When my son turned two (and I was 32) I was ready to begin the journey of giving him a sibling. He was an easy conception, pregnancy and delivery and I somewhat expected the same of the next, was I wrong!

I became pregnant quickly but had an early miscarriage at 6/7 weeks. After continuing to try for many months I visited a Reproductive Endocrinologist who stated that she was confident given my profile I could conceive naturally, but was willing to give me Clomid and IUI to help the process along. After two rounds of Clomid, and the accompanying side effects including headaches, moodiness, and an unrelated but nasty case of pneumonia, I decided that this was not the right path for me.

A year or so after beginning my journey I sought out the help of Hwasook and Amelia. I wholeheartedly invested in their program, beginning a low carb diet, daily meditation, supplements, and weekly acupuncture. After completing the initial testing, I also learned that my body was extremely depleted of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients needed for pregnancy and healthy living.

I also discovered that I had a bit of estrogen dominance which was interfering with my progesterone production. Incidentally, I told my RE that I thought I had an issue with progesterone because of unusual spotting before my period. She responded that it was normal (but I insisted that it was not normal for me!).

After two months of working with Hwasook I found out that my hard work paid off and I am pregnant - with twins! I wasn't expecting results that quickly, and certainly wasn't expecting twins, but it is all a blessing. I can't thank Hwasook and Amelia enough for the information they provided me about conception, clean living, and the importance of putting myself first.

This journey was an emotional one, particularly given the fact that I often felt that no matter what I did I couldn't achieve my goals. In many ways, though, I learned a lot about myself and the importance of getting to a point that I could let go and succumb to the process. I would recommend this path to anyone having difficulty conceiving and imagine it would be helpful as either an alternative or complement to western fertility methods. My most important observation was that once I was able to calm my mind, my body followed.

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