Pregnant after FSH of 16

by Jessica
(Woonsocket, RI)

As a member of the medical profession, I was well aware of the challenges to conception at my age of 36. I was also very concerned about my own abnormal thyroid and elevated FSH of 16.

I met with my reproductive endocrinologist to discuss doing a round of Clomid. I was shocked when she refused to prescribe Clomid for me. She said that I was in full ovarian failure and that my only option was IVF. With my age and FSH level, she recommended that I get started immediately. I had gotten pregnant easily and delivered our son just 3 years ago, so I couldn't understand how she was so sure that I was in full ovarian failure.

My husband and I elected an alternative path with Amelia and were able to achieve pregnancy after a few months of charting cycles, acupuncture treatments, and herbal supplements. I am so grateful to Amelia not only for her therapy, but her continued optimism and confidence that a healthy pregnancy would occur! Thank you Amelia for your thoughtful care and for giving me peace of mind.

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Pregnant after FSH of 16
by: Mary

This is so encouraging, because I was told my FSH levels are 16.8 and my Ovarian Volume has decreased. Hence I've been told that my chances of IVF are very slim. My other option is to have an egg donor, which I do not want.

Ok, I am 43, however after reading all the positive effects of TCM and Acupuncture, I feel optimistic. I am going this route and am not going to inject toxins into my body.

I have had three acupuncture treatments so far and also am taking Chinese herbal medicine in a pill form, not brewing tea... Anyway I will keep you posted. Congratulations to you!

Best wishes,

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