Pregnant after 1 Month with Acupuncture

by Robin & David Woodmansee
(Richmond, RI)

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about fourteen months when we first called Amelia Hirota. I have to admit that when I first called I was an emotional mess. I was unsure of what was going on with my body and couldn't understand how it could be possible that I was having difficulty getting pregnant when so many people get pregnant at a drop of a hat.

Our doctor advised us that my husband's sperm count was fine and that everything seemed to be ok with me, as well. So, they suggested we start taking infertility medicine. For some reason, this just did not seem like the right thing for us.

From our fist visit with Amelia, I felt the sense of hope. I started to believe again that we could get pregnant and it would be ok. We realized that we had to make a few changes but had a vision that it was going to work. Right away my husband and I made changes to our diets, I started weekly acupuncture treatments, and started charting my temperatures.

I immediately could see a change in the way I felt. I was calmer and the anxieties of getting pregnant seemed to go away. Within the first month I became pregnant. I could not believe it!

I continued my weekly acupuncture treatments for the first trimester, which helped a lot with the nausea. Now I am 23 weeks pregnant and feel wonderful! We still follow our changes to our diet and will probably do so for the rest of our lives. I also can't wait to go back to Amelia for my 3rd trimester pre-birth acupuncture treatments. My husband and I are truly grateful to Amelia. We feel that Amelia's encouragement and knowledge about fertility allowed us to conceive our first miracle. Thank you Amelia!

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