Pregnancy Chances with a High FSH

by Tracey

Hi Amelia,
What do you think if the chances of pregnancy with a high FSH? I'm trying for my second baby now. My FSH is between 12-13 and I have been trying to conceive my second child for 2.5 years. I've undergone 2 IVF cycles, which have failed.

I am 36 years old and have been charting for years (since trying for my 1st child). I have noticed my ovulation day has changed from day 17 to day 20 over the years. My luteal phase is 11-12 days. I bleed red blood for 3 days.

Any lifestyle and herbal suggestions to improve my fertility would be appreciated.

My husband's sperm has been checked several times and is above average.

Thank you

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FSH levels and Fertility
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Tracey,
When you conceive on your own and then go on to be unsuccessful with IVF, I think that the problem has to do with implantation. IVF was designed for women that have blocked fallopian tubes or not tubes at all. Sometimes, in cases of extreme male fertility issues or ovulation problems, IVF can be successful. However, with couples that don't have any of these issues, I don't find that IVF is often successful.

I think that the issue with you is probably with supporting a healthy implantation. I'm not concerned about your Day 3 FSH being between 12-13. This is more of a measurement of how you'll respond to FSH based drugs, than an assessment of your overall fertility.

In terms of dietary advice, I'd recommend that you eat foods that come from the earth, which includes meat, fish, eggs, full fat dairy, vegetables, fruits and limited whole grains. Don't eat foods that undergo processing and come in bags, boxes and cans.

It's also important to keep your blood sugar levels stable. You do this by limiting your conception of simple carbs like breads, pastas, potatoes, and junk food. Also, making sure to eat protein every 3 hours throughout the day will help to keep blood sugar stable. Visit Dr. Weston Price's website for more information on healthy preconception diets.

In terms of lifestyle advice, I'd recommend that you manage your stress healthfully. You can do this by cultivating a meditation practice, listening to calming music, taking a warm bath, getting frequent massages, seeking counseling, exercising, practicing yoga, etc.

As far as herbs go, I'm hesitant to recommend an extensive herbal protocols without a full examination of your situation. However, there are herbs that are helpful in a general way, that I feel safe recommending.

First, taking 800-1000 mg of Vitex (ground herb in capsules) daily in the morning throughout your cycle. Vitex encourages a strong ovulation and a healthy luteal phase. Secondly, I find that Evening Primrose Oil is helpful to promote the production of healthy cervical mucus. I recommend 2 capsules daily from cycle day 1 through ovulation. You don't want to take EPO during your luteal phase.

You mentioned that you've been charting for years. Hopefully, you'll see a clear biphasic shift in your temperatures from your follicular phase to your luteal phase. The temps in the luteal phase should be above 98.0 degrees for atleast 12 days.

I'm currently working on a Video Course that explains diagnostic testing in detail. You may want to check this out for the section on extensive hormone testing. These tests look beyond the Day 3 numbers and instead look at the interaction of hormones throughout your cycle. This dance of hormones is what determines the chances of success with any given menstrual cycle. I hope that you find this advice helpful.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota

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