PMS and Low Progesterone

by Christina
(New Jersey)

Hi Amelia,
I just listened to your talk on Joyfully Pregnant Telesummit which I found very interesting. I love the science end of this topic. I am extremely interested in having the saliva test done. I am 36, have had PMS and severe menstrual cramps as long as I can remember. I took a saliva test for progesterone a few years ago which came back very low. When I took it to my OB they laughed at me. Big surprise.

Anyway, I just got married and would like to start a family. I could do without the PMS on a monthly basis as well. It seems that on day 14 a black cloud starts following me and I am very depressed until the end of the cycle. I started taking Vitex two months ago in hopes of improving my progesterone levels.

I eat very well, and have also recently started to cut out gluten. My brother has a gluten sensitivity so I figured it can't hurt. I also drink nettle, red clover, and oat straw infusion daily and take cod liver oil and fish oil every day too.

I would love to hear your thoughts about which tests I would need to do and where I can order them. In addition, any other advice you have for me regarding a successful conception and no more PMS!

I also want to add that I am a prenatal genetic counselor so your comments about the new field of epigenetics during your talk was exciting!

Thank you so much for your generosity with your time,

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PMS and Low Progesterone
by: Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

Dear Christina,
I'm glad that you found my talk on the Joyfully Pregnant Telesummit interesting. Since you love the science end of fertility, you and I would probably work well together.

From your description of the post ovulation dark cloud, low progesterone reading and severe menstrual cramps, that you have some degree of estrogen dominance. I wonder how you've found the Vitex to be working out, as I find that to be a helpful herb in addressing estrogen dominance and PMS. However, I usually need a full protocol to completely turn around estrogen dominance.

More than likely, there are some other things going on with your hormones and we could investigate this further with a salivary hormone panel. A hair tissue analysis would also be a good idea to evaluate the health of the tissues and the glands. If you want to do this testing with me, you could sign up for a consultation on my website and I'll have the test kits mailed out to you. I don't add any fees to any of the testing that I do. You pay the cost of the test directly to the lab.

I think that it's great that you've cut out gluten. Hopefully, you're not eating "gluten free" products, as they are mostly junk. While substituting tapioca and potato flour for wheat flour will keep gluten out of your body, it won't do much to nourish you. Better to avoid bread all together. I talk more about this in my diet webinar.

I also think that it's great that you're drinking nettle, red clover and oat straw infusions. Wonderful! The cod liver oil and fish oil are great too.

In the mean time, I would recommend watching my charting webinar and my diet webinar. The charting webinar will show you everything that you need to do to completing chart your cycles. If we work together, this will be helpful in tracking your progress. Also, I just feel that it would be good for you to dig deeper and see what's going on with your cycle.

The diet webinar talks all about food and why my inverted pyramid will help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. I've already had a few emails from women that have conceived and I believe that these pregnancies were due to the changes they made in their diets. I have a feeling with your healthy lifestyle that your body just needs some targeted support and the hormones will fall into balance.

Sending Babydust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

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