PCOS, Infertility and Acupuncture

by Denise
(Rhode Island)

This is my story of PCOS, infertility and acupuncture. I have had irregular periods my whole life, a history of not ovulating and a diagnosis of PCOS. So, I always suspected I would have trouble becoming pregnant. I just had no idea how hard it would be.

One of the hardest things was that I felt as though I had no control over the situation—whether I was going to be able to have a baby seemed to be at the mercy of the doctors and the insurance companies.

Luckily, a friend recommended acupuncture and the book the “Infertility Cure” which is all about using acupuncture, herbs and diet to promote fertility. I started acupuncture shortly thereafter and after changing my diet, taking my herbs habitually and regular acupuncture sessions, I was ovulating and on a regular 37 day cycle (which was a really big deal for me). It was a very rewarding experience.

Finally, it seemed that I was doing something to help my problem. Then my acupuncturist moved away and (after seeing a completely unhelpful acupuncturist for 2 months) I started being treated by Amelia Hirota.

At my first appointment with Amelia, I had been TTC for 2 years, undergone 9 Clomid cycles, and had 1 IUI. I had also been going to acupuncture for 9 months. I had read a lot about infertility, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, so I considered myself to be pretty smart about the whole thing.

I was thrilled after our first appointment because she asked me all the important questions, understood my problems and encouraged me to start charting. I have been to 4 different “fertility” acupuncturists in Rhode Island, and in my experience, none of them are as knowledgeable as Amelia. She also recommended that I only needed to come once a week, where other acupunturists had me attending sessions 3 days a week (a waste!).

I tried the herbs, fish oil, royal jelly, diet suggestions and acupuncture with Amelia for 3 months to see what would happened and to strengthen my body for upcoming rounds of injectables.

I just had my first IUI last week. I had a lot of follicles, including 4 big ones (a difference from the 2 follicles I had when I was taking Clomid a year ago prior to starting acupuncture) on the lowest dosage of injectables. Also, since Amelia spends so much time with fertility patients she has a lot of practical advice regarding things your doctor or nurse don’t have time to tell you.

I am very aware that there are no guarantees, but with Amelia’s treatments and guidance, I feel much more relaxed this time around and more in control of my emotions. At the very least, I will know that with Amelia’s help, I did everything I could, and knowing that is very helpful in accepting and dealing with this whole crazy process!!

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