PCOS, Breech Baby and My VBAC

by Crystal Fonseca
(Exeter, RI, USA)

After coming off of birth control, I had failed to have a period for over 2 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told that I could only get pregnant with IVF. That didn't settle well with me, so I decided to take a homeopathic approach. With the help of a few months of Chasteberry, I conceived then delivered, via an emergency Cesarian birth, a healthy baby boy.

Now, pregnant again with our second child (still no period, and this time without Chasteberry) I am attempting a VBAC. However, I was crushed to find that at 33 weeks I had a breech baby. A friend told me about combining acupuncture with moxibustion treatment and I found Amelia Hirota's website, The Fertility Acupuncturist.

Amelia is a biopsychosocial practitioner and I love it. At every visit, she asks questions and actually listens to my response. She is a fountain of knowledge and I am constantly learning something new about both my body and my overall health from our visits.

During treatments I can feel my body responding immediately and the baby seems to be responding favorably as well. After just one treatment with Amelia the baby has turned. I now have "low (7)" amniotic fluid and am receiving weekly follow up treatments with Amelia. The midwife keeps pushing to set a date for a C-section, but I won't. I would much rather employ Amelia's skillful "acupuncture induction" if need be.

Although I have yet to have chosen a doula to guide me through my VBAC, I look at my weekly treatments with Amelia as that. She is my coach, giving me emotional, psychological and biological support. Her energy, positive outlook and deep seeded knowledge are uplifting and provide me both spiritually and physically with all of the energy that I will need for a successful VBAC. I can't wait! I highly recommend making a visit, the results are amazing!

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