PCOS and Conception

by Ammu
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Hi Amelia,

I am 24 years old and have been diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism. I had my first son with the combined help of Clomid as well as acupuncture. I am now trying for my second child.

I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and weigh 50 kgs.
This time around I don't want to take Clomid or any other fertility drugs.

Please suggest some Chinese herbs. I would appreciate your help.


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PCOS at a Young Age
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Ammu,
I would need to know some things about your cycle before even thinking about particular Chinese herbs for you. It seems that at 5 foot 4 inches and 50 kgs, you're not overweight. As you may know, up to 80% of women with PCOS are overweight or at least carry excess weight around the belly.

What symptoms of PCOS do you have...cystic ovaries, facial hair, chest hair, belly hair, low voice, high testosterone, irregular menstrual cycles, anovulatory menstrual cycles, high LH or low FSH? Also, let me know in the comments section what your menstrual cycles are like in terms of length of the entire cycle. 28 days? 60 days?

What is your period like? How many days do you bleed and what is the flow like...heavy, medium, light? What color is the blood...pink, red, maroon, brown? Do you have cramps or clots? Do you have PMS?

At your young age, I'd be surprised if the PCOS is intractable. I believe that you should be able to treat it. How is your husband's sperm? What is the count, motility and morphology? I've had a number of patients with PCOS and if the husband's sperm was strong and plentiful, they fell pregnant, even with irregular menstrual cycles.

Please answer my questions by clicking on the Comments link, and I will be sure to answer your questions further.

Warm regards,
Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist

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