Ovulation Disorder from Birth Control Pills

by Bridget
(Stonington, CT)

After having taken birth control pills for over 10 years, I stopped with the hope of soon becoming pregnant. Much to my surprise, my period never returned on its own, leaving me with an ovulation disorder from birth control pills. I was unable to get pregnant.

I was 28 years old when I started acupuncture. With a combination of fertility medication and acupuncture, I became pregnant with my first baby after several months of treatment. I was able to maintain a very healthy and energetic pregnancy with the help of acupuncture, and was able to stop all fertility medications which are often needed to support a pregnancy.

Now that my first child is a thriving 2 year old, I am preparing to have another child and my journey has lead me to Amelia Hirota. Having worked with many doctors and acupuncturists, I can honestly say that Amelia's expertise is second to none. Her knowledge about supplements, diet, and fertility is the best that I have ever encountered in a health care provider.

I have again achieved pregnancy through a combination of acupuncture and fertility medication. Amelia was very supportive of my decision to use fertility medication and helped me to modify my lifestyle and diet to best support the needs of my body throughout my cycles.

She taught me the importance of eliminating toxins and nourishing my body with healthy, strengthening foods. I have added fish oil as a daily supplement, and in addition to enhancing my reproductive health, it has helped my skin to retain moisture and it has decreased eczema flare ups.

I would absolutely recommend Amelia for whatever your reproductive or fertility needs may be. I can guarantee from personal experience that you will not find a provider with the wealth of knowledge that Amelia has to share.

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