Overcoming Unexplained Infertility

by Kelly
(Rhode Island)

I would like to share my story of overcoming unexplained infertility. Five years ago my husband and I lost our first child. She was only 3 days old. We had gotten pregnant on our honeymoon without even trying. It took us 2 years to begin thinking of trying again. We tried naturally for over a year with no results. We figured we were both fine as we had conceived without a problem previously. I decided it was worth at least looking into on my part because my delivery had been traumatic and ended in an emergency c-section.

All my tests came back fine (some pretty invasive and uncomfortable). My Ob/Gyn suggested Clomid to assist in achieving pregnancy. I did 3 separate rounds of Clomid. Again, no luck. I was told that after all the tests, etc. that I was a perfect example of "unexplained infertility".

My husband and I decided to try infertility treatments. We started with IUI. We did a few rounds of that with no results. During this time I had blood tests and my husband had a semen analysis. My blood test showed I had extremely high FSH levels. The semen analysis came back and we were not informed of any problems. At this point we decided to try IVF. Not a fun process; shots everyday, more then one at times. I gained weight and my moods were all over the place. The IVF was also unsuccessful.

At this point, I decided I needed a break. I just felt like my body did not belong to me anymore. I figured I'd take a few months off and then try again. During this time I did some research and learned about acupuncture and fertility. I searched the web and found Amelia Hirota and the Center of Balance.

I had a consultation with Amelia and when I walked out after the first interaction, I felt better. I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. I felt comfortable talking to Amelia and she was truly interested in my situation. I made an appointment for my next acupuncture treatment that day. I began charting right away, which gave me a lot of insight into my own body. I realized quite quickly that my body temp tended to run low. I started generic herbs and very quickly began to actually feel better. The acupuncture was relaxing and with it and meditation I was able to feel positive about my fertility rather then I had "unexplained infertility". It amazed me the improvement I felt in my health; both mentally and physically.

Amelia had also stressed the importance of living healthy everyday and especially when trying to conceive. I began eating better, quit smoking and maintaining regular sleeping habits. I was in my fourth cycle with Amelia and had recently begun personalized herbs when I found I was pregnant!! It's been a tedious and amazing journey. In the end it was Amelia, acupunture and her knowledge of Chinese medicine that helped us to make it to where we are. I have a new understanding of my body and fertility thanks to Amelia. She emphasized the importance of healthy living and its connection to fertility. With her help we were able to conceive. I am extremely grateful for all she did for us.

When I began seeing Amelia I gave her a copy of my husband's sperm analysis. She identified that he (on two occasions) had an extremely low morphology. Critically low. He started on herbs and supplements also. Obviously, with Amelia's help we were able to overcome these obstacles. I would and have recommended Amelia and acupuncture to my friends and would to anyone.

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