My VBAC after C-Section

by Stephanie M.
(Warwick, RI)

Grant Leo, alert (and hungry!), moments after his successful VBAC arrival

Grant Leo, alert (and hungry!), moments after his successful VBAC arrival

My VBAC after my c-section was a life defining experience. I began treatment with Amelia Hirota at the Center of Balance in the winter when I was five months pregnant with my second child. I initially had started going to the Center of Balance for treatment of lower back pain but Amelia treated that and more. I was also seeking to have a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

Treatment sessions with Amelia were a life-changing experience. She helped me understand my body's rhythm and how much power, through minor diet and daily living changes, I had over my own wellness. Amelia supported me emotionally, leading me with positive affirmations, and physically, guiding my body to follow its natural path.

She was fully invested in helping me reach the highest level of wellness that I was willing to achieve. I felt I was in a true partnership in my treatment...something that I had never experienced in any other medical setting!

I did have a successful VBAC. Amelia was able to induce my labor allowing me to avoid a planned induction in a hospital setting (my labor happened within 12 hours of my "induction" treatment).

The birth of my second child was an empowering, healing experience. It was not an easy journey. But it was a journey that was touched in a beautiful way by Amelia's heart and hand. I recommend her in total confidence.

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Great to hear about your VBAC
by: Anonymous

Successful VBAC's are so rare. Good to hear that you were able to have someone support your wishes to avoid a ceasarean repeat. Congratulations!

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