My Healing Vacation on Maui

by JC
(San Francisco, CA)

Hi Amelia,
I met you during my healing vacation on Maui. I was cleaning out some old business cards I had saved and I came across your card from Blue Bamboo Chinese Medical Center and Spa in Maui, Hawaii.

You may not remember me, but I had a few acupuncture sessions with you there in late summer 2002. I had been in a skiing accident that previous winter that cracked some of my cervical vertabrae and generally made a mess of my upper spine.

One symptom I had which baffled everyone was that I had these sore spots in my jaw. You had not heard of that before, but rising to the challenge you studied it and tried a few things. One of the treatments you made to my foot seemed to get close to the problem and I actually said at the next visit that maybe you could 'aim a little more to the left on my jaw' by altering what you were doing to my feet. Your next try did the trick and since then that weird symptom that nobody could explain has never returned.

So of course I have never forgotten you - and never will. And it wasn't just the act, but it was the way that you went about your work. That trip was a 'healing vacation' so to speak and it would not, could not, have been the same without your help. I have said on more than one occasion that my problems were helped tremendously by a "real healer". So I am glad to find you via a Google search, so I can thank you again and wish you great success and happiness with your practice and your life.

Warmest regards,


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