Miscarriage, High FSH and Acupuncture

by Kate
(Providence, RI)

I began seeing Amelia Hirota in November and am about to complete my third cycle with acupuncture (hopefully with a pregnancy!) Prior to seeing Amelia, I had miscarried about 15 months earlier and had just finished 2 months of clomid. I am 33 and diagnosed with high FSH.

I came to Amelia feeling confused about how to proceed, unfamiliar with charting, and needing
guidance. I had been dealing with 'Western' Reproductive Specialists and felt like I was being put through a conveyor belt of treatments without regard for my specific diagnosis. I had no control over the process.

I started my first month skeptical about charting and acupuncture. I am now finishing up my first month of a specialized herb formula and have produced a near perfect temperature chart.

Over the months my temperatures have gotten better, I have certainly cleaned up my diet (cut out caffeine and (most) alcohol), and I feel more educated and empowered about how to treat my infertility.

Amelia is not only an extremely knowledgeable infertility acupuncturist and herbalist, she is also a great source of information, relaxation, and encouragement. It is great to see her every week and be able to air my frustrations, questions, and accomplishments, while getting continual feedback.

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