Miscarriage, Acupuncture and my Luteal Phase

by Meghan

I would highly recommend Amelia Hirota to any woman thinking about becoming pregnant or dealing with fertility issues. I started seeing Amelia Hirota November 2007 at the Center of Balance. She came highly recommended from a good friend of mine. I had just gone through my second miscarriage, and I figured if nothing else, the acupuncture might help my mental state.

My first visit with her, we talked about my past pregnancies and my cycle history. She took the
time to care and listen to whatever I wanted to share with her, as she does with each and every visit. She educated me on the benefits of Chinese Medicine at that point and how it could help my fertility and making it full term in a pregnancy.

She had me start charting my basal body temperature from that point on, and I realized from that how out of sync my body was. My temps were all over the chart. It seems with regular treatments, each day is better and better. I feel I can better manage my stress and I've also noticed a huge change in my moods with treatment and the diet suggestions she has given me.

I feel that person I was a few months ago has woken up and seen the sunshine again. It's amazing the things I've learned by going to see Amelia. She does not push everything all at once. Week by week I learn something new, and have something new to try. I'm very excited to see what all is to come of this. I feel confidant that with the treatments, Chinese Herbs and all I have learned, that things will be a whole lot different during my next pregnancy.

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