Male Factor and Secondary Infertility

by Jackie M.
(Providence, RI)

It took my husband and I (39 and 35 at the time) 14 months to conceive our first child. On the road to conception, we underwent infertility testing which showed that my husband had a low sperm morphology. Just before beginning fertility treatment, he started on a vitamin regimen which we happened to run across online and it worked. I was pregnant naturally within 2 months and we had our daughter 9 months later.

So, we hoped for the same fortune the second time around. But, this time the vitamins weren't all we needed. I knew something was different about my body after the birth of our daughter. My cycles were different. After one year of trying on our own, we went to a reproductive endocrinologist who said that in addition to my husband's issues, my age (now 37 going on 38) was playing a factor even though my testing came back fine.

After 3 IUI's and 1 IVF (all unsuccessful), the MD continued to blame it on my age and the "quality of my eggs". We decided to discontinue treatment because the suppression medication used during IVF seemed to have put me into early menopause and I wasn't recovering. The doctor's office said that this was unusual and was probably due to my age.

That's when we decided to seek out acupuncture, at least to get my body back on track. Amelia was wonderful from the beginning. She was very passionate and knowledgeable about her work and gave us lots of hope. She educated me about my body, its hormones, and the nourishment it requires. The diet changes alone that she recommended made both of us feel so much more energetic and relaxed.

After just 2 months of weekly treatments, personalized herbs and diet changes for myself and every other week treatments, supplements and diet changes for my husband, we got pregnant. I am now 28 weeks along and we are expecting our second baby girl in July. We truly believe that without Amelia's amazing knowledge and compassion, we would not have been given this miracle.

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