Luteal Phase Defect and Chinese Herbs

by Meghan

I started seeing Amelia after suffering my second miscarriage. Before seeing her, I had never really paid too much attention to my cycles. She immediately had me start to chart my cycle. As my cycle drew to an end the problem became evident.

I had a short luteal phase, which was 8 days at the most, with very low temps.

At the same time I was seeing her, I also was going through extensive testing with my OBGYN. All tests proved to be fine with the OBGYN but none of the tests with my OBGYN showed what charting did for me.

Luteal Phase Defect was the reason, most likely, I miscarried. She immediately wanted to get me going on personalized Chinese herbs but I was reluctant, mostly due to cost. Instead I started on the generic herbal formulas. I did the generics for about 5-6 cycles and saw some improvement, but not the improvement we both had hoped to see.

We again had the personalized herb discussion and I was willing to try, because I knew my short luteal phase could not support implantation for a healthy pregnancy. Within one cycle, I gained 5 days on my luteal and all my temps stayed above the cover line.

It was amazing to see the difference. I am now on cycle two of personalized herbs and am keeping my fingers crossed that this could be it! I highly recommend the personalized herbal formulas because they are really focusing on healing what is wrong with you personally.

I believe with herbs and the weekly treatments, we're going to get that positive quite soon now:) Thanks Amelia!

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