Low Progesterone and Hypothyroidism

by Mino
(UK Scotland)

Hi Amelia,
Is it effective to have acupuncture for hypothyroidism and low progestrone cases? If yes, how many sessions are needed to reach better outcomes?

Would taking progesterone tablets along with acupuncture post ovulation accelerate my progress, so that I would get pregnant?

Acupuncture points for fertility are different from points for
hypothyroidism, so is it possible that a fertility acupuncture session will help my hypothyroidism?

I am a 32 years old lady who has been married for 16 months and trying to conceive for 14 months. I had a miscarriage when I discovered that was 7 weeks pregnant. It was the second month after marriage. It was the wakeup call for me to think about fertility and having baby. There was no certain diagnosis at that time. All tests become normal except that progestrone was low.

As I am receiving my treatment only from a OB-Gyn, I don't have any luck to get serious fertility drugs, except monthly blood tests for 6 months and then a referral, which started about one year from my previous miscarriage.

So, I admitt that my stress-level was high from my previous miscarriage till this July . Also, I am a Ph D student from Saudi Arabia and living abroad in UK for study, as well as handling my first year of marriage. So, you can say that I'm stressed.

I'm on thyroxine 50 mcg and its still in shaky levels as my TSH is between 5 to 7, as of my last test results 6weeks ago. So, I hope it will change in next weeks results.

The big difference happened when I was lucky enough to discover acupuncture. I feel more relaxed, calm ,positive and am smoothly or happily handling conception matters

Now am carrying on with acupuncture and Chinese herbs formed in tablets and I have taken about 8 sessions up to this week. I felt relaxed and have better sleep. Though, I am thinking about a BFP, I'm not hysterical like before. It's now in an empowered way with a balanced mind. Looking for natural ways convinced me more about natural healing.

I am wishing and dreaming to manage as naturally as possible. I want to send a message to others that are struggling with TTC. Don't give up! Keep going and it will soon be the moment that you've been working towards. You may laugh and cry at the same time. I can't wait to experience this life moment.

Best of Luck to All and Many Thanks,

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Against Progesterone Tablets
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Mino,
I have to let you know that I'm against progesterone tablets and most progesterone supplementation. Your progesterone level may be low and that may have contributed to your miscarriage, but putting exogenous progesterone into your body is a bandaid approach. However, if your progesterone level is only mildly low, the bandaid might work, but it's not my personal treatment route of choice.

Your hypothyroidism is part of the problem and a TSH of 5-7 is very high when trying to conceive. It's really hard to get the cell metabolism ramped up with a slow thyroid and you need cell metabolism to mature great follicles. Let's hope that your next test shows that your TSH is lower. Ideally, it would be between 1 - 2.

I can't really tell you how many treatments you need to address the low progesterone and hypothyroidism. It's impossible to tell and even if you were my patient and I was seeing you weekly, I wouldn't be able to give you a firm number. If you were pursuing IVF, your RE wouldn't be able to tell you how many cycles until you get pregnant, either : ) These are the mysteries of the body...

It sounds like your acupuncturist is doing a great job so far. Treating your thyroid is part of addressing your fertility issues, so I'm sure that she is paying attention to your entire endocrine system.

I want to tell you that your giving spirit and positive attitude are really admirable. Your mind and heart are in the right place. This is very important when TTC. I'm sure that your special moment will happen eventually. Keep up the good work and let us know when you get your BFP.

Sending Babydust Your Way,

Many thanks
by: Anonymous

Many thanks dear for your advice and kind support. Will update you soon.

Best Regards

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