Hypothyroid with Estrogen Dominance

by Char
(Plano, TX)

Hi Amelia,

I am 38 with hypothyroidism. I have read how important acupuncture is for fertility, but I have not had luck with it with 2 different fertility acupuncturists. I realize I am not an expert, but my cycles seemed to move further from normal with treatment. I think I am an unusual case or have conflicting symptoms or something.

I have low body temps, so I was not surprised to be hypothyroid (although it took many years to finally catch it on a test), but I am not a particularly cold person. In fact, I choose to be colder and HATE being hot. Which seems contradictory, but I believe it is related to the fact that my face does not sweat. I turn reddish purple instead and with no way to release the heat (no sweating) I overheat. So my preference for coolness may be a learned response to not wanting to overheat.

I also was told by an acupuncturist - just like you answered another FAQ - that I should bleed for 5 days, bright red, no clotting. My flow is not constant. It is heavy early on, but then slows down and I always had clots. We never got rid of them and she always seemed surprised when I would tell her I still had clotting.

I am very discouraged with my acupuncture experience, but still hopeful that perhaps you see something that might explain what was missed or give me a reason not to give up.


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Hypothyroid with Estrogen Dominance
by: Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

Hi Char,
I love your name, by the way : ) I'm sorry that you weren't helped by your fertility acupuncturists. I wonder how long you were with each one of them. I think a minimum of 3 months (3 menstrual cycles) with weekly treatments is necessary to make a judgement call as to whether or not a particular fertility acupuncturist is helping you.

I will say that sometimes when I'm working with someone, the shift in the menstrual cycle happens in stages. Sometimes we see the temp surge get stronger, but the luteal phase get shorter. Then we notice tons of cervical mucus and then it seems like the cervical mucus is drying up. Change seems to happen in stages, not all at once.

I have patients come in weekly, so that I can stay on top of these changes. If it looks like nothings working or we're going in the wrong direction, we make changes to the treatments and the supplement protocols. I will say that if your fertility acupuncturist sticks with the same treatments or herbal protocols, even when your cycle doesn't seem to be improving, that's not a good sign.

You contradictory response to temperature is intriguing. I wonder if you have a yin and yang deficiency, so that you are cold, but have an aversion to heat. I wonder…

The fact that your flow isn't constant, it's heavy to start with and you have clots makes me think that you have some degree of estrogen dominance. When the estrogen is dominant in the luteal phase, the uterine lining doesn't mature properly and we see a heavier flow and clots in the period.

You're 38 years young, which truly is young is this game. I do not think that you should give up. Maybe try an acupuncturist that is well versed in hormones and the endocrine system. I think that it would serve you well to figure out what is going on with your hormones, so I would recommend that you do a full salivary hormone panel. You will see exactly what is going on with your hormones. I also think that a hair tissue hair analysis would be helpful to check on the health of the tissues and evaluate what nutrients your body needs. You can learn more about these tests in my webinar on fertility tests.

I know that you're discouraged Char. Just as all doctors aren't the same, the same is true with acupuncturists. Finding a health professional that is competent and you relate well with is challenging. I wish you luck and success with your fertility journey.

Sending Babydust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

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