How to Improve Fertility with Detoxing

by Nanette
(Northbridge, MA)

I learned how to improve my fertility and reclaim my body with Amelia. We met in September 2010 after trying to conceive my second child for three years. After my miscarriage in June 2009, I didn't have another period for three months and when they resumed, they were light, short, or some months, gone altogether.

We then sought the medical path only to be told that at 37, I was in ovarian decline and with IVF we had less than a 10% chance of getting pregnant. We gave it a try, but only made it to an IUI cycle, which was not successful. I found myself at a crossroads, having been approved by my insurance to try another IVF round I could start injections again, or I could work with Amelia. I decided to give both Amelia and herbal treatments a chance.

From September through November, Amelia had me complete several tests to gain more information about my cycles. I started making changes in my diet, took the suggested herbs, and completed weekly acupuncture treatments. In early December, Amelia gave me a new game plan that included herbs to assist in detox, drinking distilled water, and adaptations to things I was using on a daily basis (anti-perspirant, teflon pans.)

Then, she floored me with the suggestion of building a sauna to be used nightly for 30 minutes. I decided to treat the plan as though it were a menu, so I chose to go with all the suggestions, except for those involving detox. I didn't understand how detoxing would help to improve fertility. After a month, I saw a minimal change in my cycle, in that it had extended by one day.

So, starting January 1st, I started religiously following the program Amelia suggested. My husband built the sauna in less than an hour and I have been very dedicated to the detox program. This past month, my body hit a reset button by delaying ovulation by more than 10 days than what was typical for me. My temperatures have improved and stayed much higher than they had over the last few months. I couldn't be more pleased with these results!!

My decision to work with Amelia was an easy one because she was the first person to take the time to explain things to me and reassure me that I was not in decline. I felt like someone was finally hearing what I had to say. I knew too that working with her would require making big lifestyle and mindset changes, but it's worth getting my body back to a place that is far healthier than I've been in years! We hope that this path of success continues and we know that if, "There are more souls meant to be placed in our keeping, it will happen in its own way and in its own time."

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