High TSH , FSH and PRL

by Vicky
(Athens, Greece)

Hello Amelia,
I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. Last year I did some exams, they showed: LH 6.68, FSH 3.29, PRL 45.17, E2 260, T2 0.44 and DHEA-S 2.19.

One month ago, I repeated the exams and this time they showed LH 13.44, FSH 24.72, PRL 36.31 and E2 33.78. I am devastated, since I read about the meaning of high FSH.

I also did a re-check for my thyroid (every 6 months) and TSH was elevated at 4.39, so my endo increased the dosage of T4 to 50mg. At the same time, my gynecologist subscribed dostinex of 0.50 (half twice per week), which I have been taking for 2 weeks now.

I am 39 years old, with regular periods and regular ovulation (according to tests) and I never had any problems with these issues.

Could you please give me your opinion? Is is certain that I have POF, or could it be a general hormone problem, as my gynecologist suggested? Could I see improvement after the dostinex and higher T4 or am I a dead-end case? And at last, is there a connection between TSH and FSH levels?

Thank you very much for your support,

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High TSH, FSH and PRL
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Vicky,
Thanks for providing your numbers to substantiate your high TSH, FSH and PRL (prolactin.) I have to tell you from the start that I'm not a fan of utilizing 1 day blood tests to evaluate your reproductive hormone status. I prefer salivary hormone panels that allow us to examine the communication of your reproductive hormones throughout your cycle.

By just looking at your LH, FSH and E2 on cycle day 3, we know what is going on hormonally on day 3 of your menstrual cycle. What about the rest of the cycle? Even your doctor doesn't seem to be putting much credence to the results, since he said that it's probably a general hormone problem.

I will admit that the dramatic increase in your TSH, FSH and PRL are concerning. However, if we could see what was happening with estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone throughout your cycle, we'd better be able to evaluate the function of your reproductive hormones.

I do not believe that you have POF. Just because your current FSH is 24.72, this doesn't mean that you're running out of eggs. Your TSH of 4.39 is high and I believe that your doctor did the right thing by increasing your thyroid meds. Also, the Dostinex for your elevated prolactin is standard medical procedure. So, as far as allopathic medicine is concerned, it seems that your doctors are doing all that they can to put your hormones back in balance.

However, I'll tell you from my experience that finding the root cause of why the hormones went out of balance may be the key to not only maintaining balance, but getting pregnant. TSH goes up when our adrenal glands are stressed. Also, elevated TSH is often seen with elevated FSH.

Prolactin can also become elevated because of stress. Of course a tumor on the pituitary gland can also cause elevated prolactin, but I always ask how did this tumor come to be? Stress?

All of the endocrine glands are intertwined and interconnected. They have an intricate communication network and therefore when one gland becomes depleted, it often affects other glands' functions. When we start going into hormonal imbalance, we can gradually spiral into greater and greater imbalance.

You may want to check out Webinar #1, "Your Hormones are the Driver Behind Your Fertility" and Webinar #6, "Are You Really Running Out of Eggs?" for further information on your hormones and the migration of your eggs. When you really understand what is going on hormonally in your body, you'll feel more confident making decisions regarding your health care.

Sending Healing Spirals Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

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