by Mohammad Naushad
(Delhi, India)

Dear Dr. Amelia,
I'm writing on behalf of my wife, who is facing a problem of a high FSH level. She took a test on 1/9/2007 and it was 3.11. She also had another FSH test just 2 days ago it shot up to to 50.20. Can it change so much in such a short period of time?

She also has a problem with her periods. Is it possible to treat this, as well?

As per my health condition is concerned, it is perfectly fine. My sperms count is 80 million, which was tested 3 days back.

Thanks for your suggestion in advance doctor.

Thanks and Regards,
Mohammad Naushad

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FSH Blood Tests
by: Amelia Hirta

Assalamualaikum Mohammad,
It appears that there is a problem with your wife's FSH blood tests. This fluctuation is most likely an anomaly, possibly due to taking the blood test on different cycle days? Were both tests were done on Day 3 of her menstrual cycle? May I ask, what is her age and your age?

If you could respond in the comments section and include her Day 3 LH and Estradiol levels, her Day 20 (or 6 days past ovulation) progesterone levels and a prolactin test, that would give me a better idea of her hormonal picture. Also, is your sperm count 80 million per ml or 80 million total? What is the sperm motility and morphology percentages?

I'd also like to know what are the menstrual cycle problems that your wife experiences? Does she have bad cramps or lots of clots in the blood? I look forward to your responses and to helping you get yourselves ready to have a baby.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota

FSH Blood Tests
by: Mohammad Naushad

Assalamualaikum Amelia,
Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. On the above your response was that this fluctuation is most likely an anomaly, possibly due to taking the blood test on different cycle days. We are also on the same opinion that there may be some anomaly in the said reports. Let me explain to you the case in detail:

We have been married for 10 years. Currently I'm 33 years old and my is wife 32 years old. We have a child of 7 years, which is a cesarean baby. After that we never tried for second baby, but for last 7-8 months we are trying for our second baby. My wife has a problem of irregular periods from last couple of years after the first child birth. She usually has late periods (10 -15 days late from normal time). Last month she has hardly got any blood during periods and that to be after a 10 day delay.

Now coming back to reports:


FSH: 3.01 mIU/ml
LH: 9.23mIU/ml
Progesterone: 12.32ng/ml
ESTRADIOL(E2) 155.0 pg/ml
Prolactin: 24.17 ng/ml

Thyroid Function Test:
Free TRIIODOTHYRONINE(T3): 2.77 pg/ml
Free THYROXINE (T4): 0.92 ng/dl
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: 2.12 uIU/ml


Insulin: 6.20 uIU/ml
Prolactin: 6.87 ng/ml
TSH: 1.600 uIU/ml


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: 1.48 uIU/ml
Prolactin: 8.09 ng/ml
FSH: 50.20 mIU/ml
LH: 22.70 mIU/ml

Semen sperm count: 80 million/ml
Morphology Normal: 80%
Morphology Abnormal: 20%
Active Motile: 80%
Non Motile: 10%

As it seems from the above lab results about the variation in short span of time. Is it possible that this situation arises due to use of some medicine, like homeopathic medicine?

Thanks and Regards,

FSH Blood Tests
by: Amelia Hirota

Assalamualaikum Mohammad,
Thanks for the details on the FSH Blood Tests and the other information. I do not believe that the fluctuation in hormonal tests is due to homeopathic medicine. I do think that homeopathic medicine is great and can be very helpful if you are working with a good homeopath.

My feeling is that your wife has one of the following problems; thyroid, PCOS or side effects from the cesarean birth.

Thyroid: While the T3, T4, an TSH thyroid numbers do look ok. I always want to take a closer look at thyroid whenever TSH goes above 1.5. I recommend that you have your wife have her thyroid antibodies checked to see if there are any antibodies attacking the thyroid, affecting it's function. These antibodies are anti-thyroid peroxidase and anti-thyroglobulin. Please see www.thyroid-info.com for more information about the thyroid.

PCOS: The irregular cycle and the FSH, LH, and Prolactin fluctuating levels make me think that PCOS may be an issue. PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome and it is diagnosed based on hormonal imbalance, cysts on the ovaries, weight gain around the abdomen, male pattern body hair growth, and irregular cycles. Cardio exercise and reduced consumption of simple carbs like breads, pasta, noodles and rice are very helpful in treating PCOS.

Cesarean birth: Most of my secondary infertility patients had a c-section with their first birth. My feeling is that there could be scar tissue inside or around the uterus. It would be worthwhile to have a sono-hystogram of the uterine lining to check for polyps, fibroids or scar tissue. Even if nothing is found with an examination, I find it helpful for my patients to receive abdominal massage between the period and ovulation to break up any adhesions or minor scar tissue.

By the way, your sperm numbers do look good. However, I still encourage you to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and chemicals of all kinds. A sperm assay is a crude measurement of sperm function and therefore the true quality of sperm goes beyond the tests. The better your diet and lifestyle, the more nourished your sperm.

I hope that this is all helpful to you. I wish you and your wife the very best of luck.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota

Thanks a lot for your help
by: Anonymous

Assalamalikum Amelia,
Thanks a lot for your detailed reply and for studying the case in detail. I understood the problem you diagnosed are three possibilities; thyroid, PCOS, or the cesarian birth. It will be really great if you please let me know how to narrow down the particular problem. Do we need to have some tests? If yes, please let us know the names. With other treatments like massage, can you let me know how to perform that?

Thanks a lot for all of your help.

Thanks and Regards,

Further Testing
by: Amelia Hirota

Hello Mohammad,
As I mentioned, I recommend having your wife checked for thyroid antibodies, specifically anti-thyroid peroxidase and anti-thyroglobulin.

As for PCOS, this would be diagnosed by a doctor based on the corresponding symptoms (as I described in my last comment) your exhibited by your wife. Again, I recommend daily cardio exercise and the cessation of all simple carbohydrates like bread, rice, pasta and sweets.

In terms of any damage caused by the c-section, I would recommend having the uterine lining examined by ultrasound to check for scar tissue, polyps and fibroids.

Abdominal massage as performed by massage therapists may be helpful for scar tissue outside of the uterus that is impeding blood flow to the reproductive organs. You can read more about Maya Massage or Hara Massage online if you like.

I also recommend castor oil packs for possible scar tissue in the abdominal area. This involves saturating a thick cloth (like flannel) with castor oil and placing this on the abdominal area. Cover the oily cloth with a piece of plastic. Then place a heating pad or hot water bottle over the plastic to heat up the abdomen. Castor oil is known to break up adhesions and clear stagnant energy in the area. I recommend doing castor oil packs 3 days a week for about 30 minutes at a time.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Sending Baby Blessings Your Way,

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