FSH after Miscarriage

by Cathy
(Glens Falls, NY)

Dear Amelia,
I am 39 and my highest FSH was 18 before getting pregnant. After starting regular acupuncture, it went to 7. I conceived naturally that same month.

Unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage. The month after my miscarriage, my FSH was 19, the highest ever. Then the cycle after that it went down to 5.

I was thinking that the acupuncture was definitely the reason for my low levels until the FSH of 19 after the miscarriage. Could the miscarriage have been the reason that the FSH went up that high?

Do you think that with the continuation of my regular acupuncture, my FSH will stay low and not fluctuate?


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FSH after Miscarrriage
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Cathy,
I do find that acupuncture helps to lower FSH levels. I just had a patient who's FSH went from 28 to 8, after just a month of my fertility program. She's getting acupuncture once a week, taking Chinese herbs, altering her lifestyle and adjusting her diet.

Miscarriage can really throw the body out of balance and therefore FSH levels could soar. The key point is looking beyond FSH and figuring out why you miscarried.

I find that most early miscarriages occur because of luteal phase defect (a short luteal phase under 12 days,) poor sperm quality or thyroid issues.

I recommend charting your cycle to see when you ovulate and the length of your luteal phase.

Also, it's imperative that you and your partner adopt healthy eating habits and avoid chemicals, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, junk food, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.

Lastly, I recommend getting your thyroid thoroughly checked through blood tests. I recommend checking TSH, T4, T3, anti-thyroid peroxidase, and anti-thyroglobulin levels.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota

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