FSH 16 and Shrinking Ovaries

by Mary

Dear Amelia,
I just turned 43 in Aug and I had a scan and blood test done on the 6th day of my cycle (normally 26 to 28 day cycle)on 29th Sept 2008.

I was told that my FSH level was 16, too high and
my ovaries have slightly shrunk from the last scan done sometime in March 2008.

I was given 3 choices, 1) do nothing, 2) IVF, the chances not too great, 3) use an egg donor, not a choice for me.

Will acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help in any way in getting my system working?

I was in a terribly depressing job, which I hated at the time of the blood test? I am suffering from very bad lower back stiffness and neck stiffness due to bad posture when I sleep.

I would really appreciate your honest opinion.

Thanks & regards,

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FSH 16 and Shrinking Ovaries
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Mary,
I don't believe that your FSH of 16 or your "shrinking ovaries" should make you give up. I'll tell you why.

An FSH of 16 at your age is really not high. I've seen many patients get pregnant naturally with an FSH in the teens. Really, FSH is not an accurate assessment of ovarian reserve and more reproductive endocrinologists are recognizing this, as well. That's why they're looking for more reliable tests like the (AMH) anti-mullerian hormone test.

While shrinking ovaries are a sign of decreased follicle reserve, I doubt that in 6 months the size differential in your ovaries is significant. The ovaries are changing in size constantly as follicles mature, so if there was a slight change, this could be due to the any number of reasons. One likely reason is that the ultrasounds were done on different days of your cycle.

Most importantly, you have been through a stressful time and that will definitely affect your hormones and reproductive health. I would recommend embarking on a strict fertility plan that makes you feel better, helps you have a great period and improves your fertility chart.

Think about signing up for my Fertility Teleclasses to learn more about constructing an effective Fertility Plan. Also, it's important to look at sperm closely, as well.

Lastly, I do want to recognize your age. I encourage you to be proactive and immediately start taking charge of your fertility and your partner's fertility. I truly believe that age is a number and that the more important factors are the health and resilience of the reproductive systems of both the man and the woman.

Take care,

FSH 16 and Shrinking Ovaries
by: Mary

Dear Amelia
God I wish you were in London, or I was there. I would definitely want to pay you a visit, after reading such positive and encouraging writeup. I have not stopped reading your website. It's great! I have emailed the link to my friend, as well.

Today I saw a Chinese acupuncture doctor, who is treating me for my stiff neck, lower back and fertility. He gave me 2 different bottles of pills (Chinese medicine.) I'm not sure what's in them. I have to take 1 set twice and the other one 3 times a day.

My neck and back is stiff due to bad posture when I sleep. Dr Lui said because of these 2 problems, my blood circulation to the pituitary gland and uterus was probably reduced, hence the bad results. Anyway, I will keep on plugging on.

I am so thankful to god I decided not to go the IVF method, after reading your write up. I feel very encouraged about TCM/acupuncture and feel I made the right decision. I have just done a blessed detox and have given up smoking and wine, which I loved.

Yes, I have gone cold turkey and it's been 5 days since I quit, the day after my consultation. I am determined to have a healthy child.

On my husbands side, according to the consultant, he is absolutely fine. However, he did have e-coli in his semen analysis way back last year he has been treated for it. He had bad jaundice at the age of 18 and he is 31 now. Apart from that, he's healthy and does not smoke, he drinks occasionally, but he is willing to give it up.

I have subscribed to all the 3 links, I am sure they will be worth it.

Amelia, there should be more women like you! Thanks a million.

Kind regards,

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