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Are you suffering on your fertility journey? Do you feel like it's just not fair that you're not getting pregnant?

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If you want to know a bit more about me and my philosophy before signing up for my newsletter, I'm happy to share. My primary job is as a Fertility Acupuncturist treating patients in my clinic, Phoenix Fertility Center in East Greenwich, RI. I'm not an internet marketer, fertility blogger or health researcher. I'm a clinician that works daily with women that are trying to conceive. 

I started this website, The Fertility Acupuncturist and my newsletter to share the fertility tips that my patients and I have learned in the clinic over the years. I'm not a believer in magic herbs or miracle smoothies. Instead, my experience since 2001 has shown me that fertility issues are getting more and more complicated. We need to start diagnosing what is going on, not just call it unexplained infertility. It's a copout.

I'd love it if magic herbs solved my patients' fertility woes. However, I've found the most effective means of helping my patients get pregnant and stay pregnant has been to follow a targeted, holistic program that addresses the whole person. This means getting to know a patient, her body and her history, so that we can put together a targeted and effective protocol. 

My true calling in life is as a teacher. It's my favorite part of my acupuncture practice. I love seeing the lightbulb go off when a woman gets her body. My passion is to connect you with your body and together figure out why you're not getting pregnant or staying pregnant. In 2015, my mandate is write 100 new fertility articles and run a new class every month. 2015 is the Year of Learning and I hope that you'll take advantage of my courses and together we'll crack the code on your fertility struggles.

If my message resonates with you, subscribe now. You'll get my video that teaches you how to turn off the suffering and feelings of victimhood right now. I believe this is the most important fertility tip that I can give you. You can completely change your fertility journey right now. The power is in your hands. Take charge of your fertility right now.