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Fertility acupuncture helps enhance fertility significantly when used in a comprehensive, personalized holistic program. Many patients who were diagnosed with unexplained infertility by their doctors, have gotten pregnant when following all parts of our program. This includes weekly acupuncture treatments, nutritional balancing, herbs and supplements, sauna therapy and lifestyle adjustments.

One of the features that makes this program so effective is the extensive female fertility testing that we do in the clinic. These diagnostic tests tell us the state of hormone balance and from this we can determine the likelihood of conception taking place. Also, we do tests that analyze the health of the tissues, which tell us if the body has the necessary precursor material to contribute to reproduction.

Fertility Acupuncture and Our Holistic Fertility Program

There are a lot of acupuncturists specializing in the treatment of infertility today, but there are few that have a comprehensive program like ours. I'll admit to you that our program is a lot of work, but we are there by your side supporting you and cheering you on every week. It's amazing that weekly acupuncture treatments, targeted nutritional supplements, dietary improvements and lifestyle changes can have such a tremendous impact on your health.

Once the body loses the ability to procreate, it's a huge neon sign that the body is severely depleted. There aren't enough resources to devote to the reproductive process. The body is overwhelmed with just caring for itself. That's why we focus on nourishing the body back to health, balancing hormones and tracking our progress with our comprehensive testing.

Read our patients' success stories to hear how fertility acupuncture and our holistic fertility program helped our patients get pregnant successfully.

Fertility Acupuncture and Clomid

If you're in the process of using Clomid and would like to add acupuncture to your program, please contact us. We have a number of patients, who are doing Clomid with their Ob Gyn or reproductive endocrinologist. We have a lot of experience in working with women that are taking Clomid. We can definitely support you and your cycle during your Clomid cycle with acupuncture, dietary therapy and lifestyle counseling. 

Fertility Acupuncture and IUI

If you have moved on to medicated IUIs with your Ob Gyn or reproductive endocrinologist, we can support your with acupuncture, dietary therapy and lifestyle counseling. Acupuncture is very helpful in keeping your body and mind balanced during the cycle to minimized the effects of stress. We find that acupuncture throughout the cycle has a very positive adjunctive effect on the body. We can use acupuncture to calm he body during the early part of the cycle, support egg production during the stims, help boost ovulation and then quiet the body during the implantation stage. 

Fertility Acupuncture and IVF

Many women come to us for adjunctive acupuncture during their IVF cycles. We have worked with women from Women & Infants, Reproductive Science Center, Boston IVF and Brigham and Womens to name a few. Dr. Hwasook Lee was a practicing pharmacist before becoming an acupuncturist and therefore has a strong foundation in understanding the fertility drugs used in various IVF cycles. 

Acupuncture has been shown to improve improve success rates in IVF by up to 40%. There are many benefits to doing acupuncture with IVF, including calming the stress hormones, improving blood flow to the ovaries, thicker uterine linings and overall well being. 

Many women ask us when to do acupuncture during their IVF cycles. While most studies have focused on doing acupuncture before retrieval and after transfer, we recommend acupuncture weekly throughout the IVF cycle and then adding special before retrieval and after transfer treatments. Ideally, you might come in for weekly treatments to get your body ready for IVF.

We have a lot of experience with working with IVF patients and get a lot of pleasure when we can help these patient have a successful IVF cycle. We have experience in fresh IVF cycles, frozen embryo cycles and donor cycles. Please send us a message if you have any questions about acupuncture and IVF.

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