Estrogen Dominance and Short Luteal Phase

by Laura
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Hi Amelia,
My cycles range from 23 to 25 days and bbt and opk's show me to usually ovulate on CD 14, therefore leaving a short luteal phase. Although I was told that all my results were normal and that I am ovulating, I notice that my estradiol results are higher than the top value of the range on the results sheet. Could this explain my short LP?

I am taking Vitex and Vit B complex as well as reflexology but nothing seems to help. I sometimes have 2/3 days spotting too. Do you have any advice? I have booked to see a TCM practitioner next week.


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Estrogen Dominance and Short Luteal Phase
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Laura,
It sounds like you've diagnosed your estrogen dominance and short luteal phase accurately to me. Yes, the higher estrogen level on CD 3 indicates that you likely have follicles left over from the previous cycle secreting estrogen.

These left over follicles and their corresponding high estrogen levels inhibit the secretion of FSH and therefore you're less likely to make a strong dominant follicle during this cycle. When you don't make a strong dominant follicle, estrogen dominance starts taking over in the luteal phase and progesterone starts losing out. This is where the shortened luteal phase comes in.

I believe that this is why 1 day blood tests for looking at hormones are inadequate for comprehensively evaluating a woman's hormones. You're getting better diagnostic results from your gut instinct, than from your lab tests. I'm impressed!

I'm glad that you've booked an appointment with a TCM practitioner. Best of luck to you!

Sending Babydust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

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