Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, and Ovarian Cysts

by Lulu

Dear Amelia,
I have problem in conceiving. I have endometriosis, one blocked fallopian tube and ovarian cysts. My doctors tell me that my only option to conceive is to do IVF, which I really don't like.

I'm not comfortable with the procedure and I don't like the use of so much hormonal medication. Can you advise me on what I need to do to conceive naturally.

Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to your response. Lulu

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Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Cysts and Fertility
by: Anonymous

Assalamualaikum Lulu,
How is life in Qatar? I'm fascinated by your area of the world. I almost stopped over in Dubai last year on a flight from Malaysia to London. Hopefully I'll visit there soon.

Anyway, I would like you to write back by leaving a comment and answer these questions:

1. How old are you and your husband?
2. Are the ovarian cysts on the same side as the blocked tube?
3. Have you had the endometriosis removed? Where was it or where is it?
4. What is your height and weight?
5. Do you have a regular menstrual cycle? How many days is your entire cycle?

While endometriosis can make it difficult to get pregnant, it doesn't mean that it will be impossible. You should be able to remove the endo fairly easily with laparoscopic surgery. It does often return, but you can buy time to get pregnant and endometriosis often calms down with pregnancy, as you're no longer menstruating.

Having one blocked fallopian tube also doesn't mean that it's impossible for you to get pregnant. Plenty of women get pregnant with one healthy fallopian tube. I'm just concerned about what side your cysts are on.

Do you have acupuncturists or Chinese herbalists in Qatar? How about Unani medicine? There are wonderful Chinese herbs that can help with endometriosis and with the cysts. In China, they even treat blocked fallopian tubes with acupuncture and herbs. I don't have experience with that, but I have treated endometriosis and cystic ovaries.

From a Chinese medicine standpoint, blocked fallopian tubes and ovarian cysts form because of excess dampness in the system. Also, endometriosis can also share some of this dampness, but usually it's due to what we call blood stagnation in Chinese medicine.

In terms of diet, it may be helpful to avoid damp or mucus causing foods like dairy, raw fruits and veggies, iced drinks, cold foods and ice cream. Eating a warm, cooked breakfast will help strengthen the digestion system, so that dampness isn't created. Vigorous, cardio exercise is also good to move the dampness and stagnation in the system. I realize that it's very hot there, so doing yoga or using a treadmill indoors is a possible solution.

I hope that this is helpful to you. Wassalam.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Cysts and Fertility
by: Lulu

Hi Amelia,
Your reply is informative. I have cysts on both of the ovaries and endometriosis outside of the uterus. The left fallopian tube is blocked and the left ovary is ovulating.However the right ovary also ovulated due to some medical injection but fertilization did not occur.

Endometriosis is now suppressed by some medicine and so I should continue my treatment these days, as endometriosis may start any time. I have some hope that I may conceive naturally, as one tube is OK and the endometriosis is suppressed now.

I need to know which acupunture treatment and herbs are needed to make ovulation active for the right ovary where the tube is open. Also if there is any acupunture treatment or herbs which may open the blocked tube.

I appreciate your immediate response.


Can Acupuncture Open A Blocked Tube?
by: Ann

I have only one tube-lost the other one with an ectopic. My three day labs say my eggs are in great shape. An HSG revealed that the one tube I now have is blocked even though it was open last year. What should I do? I would prefer a natural alternative over another surgery but I am 40 and not getting any younger. I am becoming disheartened and I am tired of the disappointment. Can acupuncture open the tube?

Opening Hydrosalpinx Naturally
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Ann,
When dealing with hydrosalpinx, I find that acupuncture alone isn't enough to open blocked fallopian tubes. I've had a few cases, where patients have been able to salvage blocked or damaged tubes, after being on my program for a few months.

In your case, I'm encouraged because your HSG was showing the tube open last year. That is a really good sign that it's not terribly blocked. Also, the fact that you had an ectopic pregnancy already tells us that there was probably some damage in the other tube prior to the pregnancy.

I do think there is hope in your case. Best of luck in your pursuit of a health pregnancy.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

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