Elevated Temps in the Follicular Phase

by Tiffany
(USA - Ohio)

Hello Amelia!
I just recently listened to your webinar #2 'replay' (since I was unable to attend live) about charting your BBT (basal body tempatures). That was great information that you shared!

For those who are reading this post, I HIGHLY recommend you join in on the webinars that Amelia hosts. She gives wonderful in-depth details regarding all accepts of hormones and fertility, and also encourages you to ask questions about your own personal situation during her webinars.

I did want to ask a general question about BBT in the follicular phase. I know you mentioned that it would be ideal to have temps in the mid 97's give or take a few in the follicular phase, then, would like to see temps break through 98 in the luteal phase. My question is whether you think it is a problem to have temps in the low 98 range during the follicular phase? I only notice these 98 temps when I do vaginal temping. But, when I do oral, the temps usually range in the 97's.

I do want to mention as well, that I do notice when ovulation occurs doing the temps, and I usually try to be consistent in doing just one method and sticking with it for the month, ie: vaginal or oral. I notice with vaginally temping my temps can sometimes get to as high as 99.1 in the luteal phase, and oral temps in the luteal phase range in the low to mid 98's. Is this concerning? I believe that you mentioned that vaginally temping is a little more accuate too, which was great information since I always wanted to know which was better.

So, to sum up the above, I basically just want to know if temps in the low 98 range during the follicular phase was normal, and if not, then why, and can vaginal temps verses oral temps show a big difference?


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High Follicular Temps
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Tiffany,
I thought I covered absolutely everything there was to cover in Webinar #2 "Charting Your Way to a BFP." Leave it to you to find something that I missed ; ) That's why I love my empowered webinar attendees. You're all so smart and quick!

In answer to your question, I think that your temps are great. The temperature of the body is supposed to be 98.6. You're a little below that in your follicular and above it in your luteal. It sounds like your temperature regulation is very good, which gives us reason to assume that your thyroid is functioning well. That would be good news!

Also, if your vaginal follicular temps are in the low 98's and you break through 99 degrees when ovulating, that is fantastic. You must have an amazing surge, which surpasses my .5 degree threshold. Vaginal temps are definitely more accurate and they measure the temperature in the interior of the body. Oral temps can fluctuate greatly, so they're just not as reliable.

Thanks for your question. I look forward to seeing you in another webinar. I know that you're working very hard and I hope that your efforts pay off.

Sending Babydust Your Way,

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