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Standard Process and Mediherb Membership Program

If you've taken one of my courses or been a patient of mine,
you are eligible for my special membership program. 

The Nutritional Supplement Membership Program is basically a program that gives you direct access to me 4 times a year via email. It's a simple way for you to continue taking premium Standard Process and Mediherb products to keep you healthy and balanced. Since you're already part of the Standard Process/ Mediherb family, you already know firsthand the superior quality of their dietary food supplements.

Basically, your annual membership gives you the following:

  • Subscription to my newsletter that focuses on the latest research coming out on nutritional supplements.
  • 4 emails a year to check in with me. I will respond to these emails with my protocol recommendations and make sure they are available in your account
  • Full access to Standard Process and Mediherb products in your own online account

Michelle is one of my earliest members. Here's what she has to say.

I was a patient of Amelia's in her clinic in Rhode Island since 2006 for anxiety, menstrual cramps and colitis. When she left to adopt her son, I was lost. I never expected that taking supplements would keep my symptoms at bay. However, I've been taking Standard Process supplements prescribed by Amelia for the past 2 years and I'm doing great. I'm happy that I did this program, as Amelia gives me advice about my diet and how to add good habits to my daily schedule. I wasted a lot of money on vitamins before coming to Amelia's clinic. It's worth it for me to have a professional like Amelia prescribe the right supplements for my conditions. I plan on being a member of Amelia's program for the long term. 

Michelle M.  - Warwick, RI

The cost of a 1 year membership is only $99

One of my eternal struggles being an acupuncturist and herbalist is valuing my own work. Quite honestly in another world I would be a shaman or a healer that just focused on keeping the village healthy. I thought long and hard about how I could keep doing the work that I love with you and with Standard Process. This nutritional supplement membership is how we can keep working together.

An appointment to see a naturopath or nutritional consultant would run between $50 - $100. I feel that $25 per online consult (4 emails exchanges a year) is a fair exchange. I hope that you feel the same. In today's world sometimes it's just easier to do things online. No set appointment times, driving long distances or waiting in an office. Actually, this might be the way of the future.

If you think that I'm a benefit to your health team and you're excited about using Standard Process supplements to optimize your health, sign up today. Let me be your personal Shaman.

Nutritional Supplement Membership

$99 Per year

If you're here, you're either a past patient of mine or you've taken one of my courses. For the past 3 years, I've been prescribing personalized protocols and answering emails with lots of advice for free. Sometimes it takes me an hour to compose an email. You know me, I love my work and I love helping people be as healthy as they can be.

It takes time, research and experience to put together targeted protocols. I can no longer afford to do this work for free. I hope that you understand and value my work enough to subscribe to this program. I would like to continue working with you. I'm counting on Standard Process to keep me and my husband young, our minds sharp and our family disease free. I wish the same for you. xx Amelia