Conceiving with Acupuncture without Reversing Tubal Ligation

by Shirley
(Rochester, Minnesota)

Hi Amelia,
I've been undergoing acupuncture for other issues, such as abdominal pain that Western medicine could not explain, even though they saw that I had fibroids and a cyst in my uterus. They felt that it was not big enough to cause the pain and ultimately they said that I needed to see a mental health specialist.

I later hurt my arm and I believe did some nerve damage so I started acupuncture for my arm pain and lack of sleep.

I underwent a tubal ligation where they put plastic rings on my tubes in 1999. Circumstances have changed and even though I don't think I want to undergo a reversal, I have been told that the chances of my conceiving would be increased by acupuncture to increase fertility.

Perhaps I feel that I should not dare hope for such a thing, but I am interested in knowing if you have seen women conceive naturally after a tubal ligation when they start to get acupuncture for fertility as well as herbal treatments for fertility.

The practitioner that does my acupuncture has even advised that I use birth control, if I don't want to get pregnant while undergoing acupuncture - even if I have had a tubal ligation. He feels that strongly that my chances of conceiving would be increased. Thank you for your advice.


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Tubal Ligation and Fertility
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Sharlene,
I wonder if the fibroids and cyst were due to the tubal ligation? When did you have the tubal rings applied and when did you doctors discover that you had fibroids and a cyst in the uterus?

Honestly, I can't understand how acupuncture and herbs (taken orally) are going to affect your fallopian tubes. Have you seen pictures of tubal ligation with tubal rings? It's like the mid piece of the fallopian tube is bent together and a thick ring is placed around the fold. Not only does this completely block the passageway of the fallopian tubes, but it causes scar tissue to form.

Also, I'm puzzled by your acupuncturist's optimism that you can get pregnant with this tubal ligation in place. I feel that the advice to take birth control a but worrisome given that I'm assuming you underwent tubal ligation to avoid taking oral birth control pills.

Are you sure that your acupuncturist is predicting an increase in your fertility with the tubal ligation in place? If you have a reversal tubal ligation, I would agree that acupuncture and Chinese herbs would be incredibly helpful. However, with the rings in place I haven't come across any studies that would verify your acupuncturist's theory.

I really can't understand how you'll get pregnant with these rings around your tubes. On a positive note, the reversal of this kind of tubal ligation has a fairly good record for maintaining the integrity of the fallopian tubes. According to Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center the pregnancy rate for this type of tubal reversal is 65%. Interestingly enough, some of the techniques used in tubal ligation were created in Chapel Hill.

I hope that this is helpful for you.

With warm regards,

Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Tubal Ligation Complications
by: Glenda Willis

I had a tubal ligation for many reasons and for many more reasons, I regret doing this. I have looked into many options on reversing this. The only feasible options are either a reversal surgery or in vitro fertilization.

What happens with tubal ligation is they stop the flow of sperm to the eggs in the ovaries. The only way to fix this is to have surgery. If the doctor does the ligation too close to the ovaries, this can cause numerous problems, including cysts, irregular cycles, cramps, etc.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to regulate a woman's cycle and to remove cysts is to put a woman on birth control, so at 40 yrs old with my tubes tied, I was on birth control. I would never recommend and highly discourage tubal ligation for anyone.

Acupuncture and natural medicine has many benefits, but some things surgery is necessary for fixing the problem. I hope that I can find a competent doctor to reverse my tubal ligation.

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