Cervical Dysplasia and HPV with Chinese Herbs

by Chris
(Warwick, RI)

I treated cervical dysplasia and HPV with Chinese Herbs. While my story doesn't fit into the pregnancy category I'm sure there are many women dealing with the diagnosis of cervical dysplasia and HPV that would be interested in my experience. I had been seeing Amelia for treatment of cervical disc disease (very successfully I might add) when I developed a low-grade SIL pap smear with positive testing for the HPV virus (high and low risk subtypes).

I can honestly say this diagnosis was devastating to me. Having known Amelia for some time now and finding her to be a very compassionate person and practitioner, I confided to her during one of my treatments of the recent diagnosis and the difficulties I was having dealing with it.

With Amelia being the type of person she is she used her kind sensibility to help me put the whole diagnosis in perspective but then turned her attentions to treating the problem. She ordered many natural herbs which I measured, boiled and drank in tea form for many weeks. There was also another brewed tea which was used as a douche. While it was a time consuming project and not the most pleasant tasting tea, I didn't want to undergo a cervical biopsy so I was willing to try anything she recommended.

Amelia's faith in me and my faith in her herbal and acupuncture abilities kept me going. After three months I agreed to undergo the colposcopic examination with my GYN and my cervix looked healthy so no biopsy was indicated. After six months I had my first pap smear which was still slightly atypical (but now ASCUS which is an improved report from the prior LGSIL reading) and the screen for the HPV high-risk virus tested negative. Needless to say I am relieved to see this problem improving with all natural treatments and no invasive techniques.

My experience with Amelia is that I don't think there is any problem I could present to her that she wouldn't be able and willing to treat and all the while doing it with the caring and compassion that one doesn't find often in the medical community. When she spends time with you you feel like you are the only person on her mind and I have not once ever felt rushed during a treatment session. I also know that when I am out of sight I am never out of her mind and she is always contacting me with her thoughts and ideas or to just check up on how I am doing. I can't say enough about how Amelia has helped me with all my medical issues, she is heaven sent.

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Love It!
by: Anonymous

That's an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. It was very inspirational and helpful.

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